OPM Prom Playlist

by Macy Alcaraz   |  Mar 4, 2009
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  1. "Gemini" by Spongecola
    You don't need to be Romeo and Juliet (check out the video) to dance to this song. But how awesome would it be to dance to this if your prom was in some old theater?

  2. "Akap" by Imago
    This song just makes you want to feel loved. Close your eyes while you and your date circle the dance floor and be grateful that you've got each other—through everything.

  3. "Masilungan" by Sandwich
    It's the kind of song that would play right after you and your date get into a huge argument. You see each other from across the room and are drawn to each other. His arms around your waist, your hands interlocked behind his neck. And you smile at each other as if to say "I'm sorry." That or "Tama na nga ang emote!"

  4. "Ikaw Pala" by Sugarfree
    This sounds especially sweeter when you dance to it with your best friend turned boyfriend. :) Love comes in the most surprising packages, sometimes.

  5. "Beautiful Surprise" by Julianne (India Arie cover)
    Because you are the beautiful surprise in each other's lives. Because you are each other's natural high. Because this night is something special to both of you.

  6. "Para Sa Pinakamatangkad Na Tao Sa Buong Mundo" by the Itchyworms
    You don't need to be the tallest girl or the tallest guy in the room to appreciate dancing to this song. Because in your date's eyes, you are the only one who stands out in that room. :)

  7. "We Give in Sometimes" by UpdharmaDown
    Armi Millare's voice almost lulls you into a sweet slumber, carefully leading you to dreamland where your prom date is actually Edward Pattinson (or Zac Efron, the choice is yours. Hehe!).

What OPM songs would you include in your Prom Night playlist?

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