Niana Guerrero Attends 'Prom Night' for the First Time, Thanks to Her Sister Niña

by The Candy Staff   |  Nov 17, 2021
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With a family of top-tier content creators, a regular night can transform into a fun bonding session over at the Ongsee-Guerrero household. In her most recent vlog, Niña Stephanie hosted a starry night-themed prom night for the entire fam (sans Ranz Kyle who is currently in the US).

Aside from overseeing the preparations for their family prom night, Niña also printed and framed an invitation for each of her family members—her dad Niño, her Tita Elcid, and her sisters Seah, Niana, and Natalia—and personally handed it to each of them. Niana even revealed that she's never been to prom upon receiving her invitation, but thanks to Niña, she and the rest of the family got to spend a night reminiscent of possibly the most awaited high school event (other than graduation, of course!).

After the mandatory photo ops and the dinner, Niña also hosted a series of fun party games. The first was a Q&A that involved the guests guessing puns and jokes, the case prize of which was P1,000 for every correct answer. To everyone's surprise, it was Niana who got every single question correctly. For context, some of the questions were "Bakit may black eye and juice?" ("Kasi nasa pack siya!") and "Anong mangyayari sa isda kapag hinati mo sa gitna?" ("Two-na!"), so you can just imagine how funny it was every time Niana aced the questions!


And what is prom without all the fancy awards? Niña prepared awards with matching sashes for each of the members present and even added extra ones a la Miss Universe. Natalia received the Miss Photogenic award, Seah received the Stag of the Night award, which Niña defined as someone who went to prom "without a date but is actually standing out." Niña passed on her Miss Congeniality title to Niana, while the Prom King and Prom Queen titles went to the parents of the household.

To end the night, the entire fam took the celebration to the dance floor. Who says a night at home can't be fancy or special? Definitely not this family!

Check out their Prom Night in Niña's vlog:


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