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The boys talk about why they don't dance, what they spend on, and what their hobbies are in this exclusive interview.
by James Watford/FAMOUS   |  Nov 25, 2013
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Do you waste your money on things?
Louis: I bought myself an interactive mirror which I have never used. I liked the idea of it. It is just a mirror that has the weather on and the news and it is a waste of money. The mirror is up, it is a really expensive mirror. It shows on your Facebook but I have not set it up.
Also, this tour me and Zayn bought some go karts and they broke and we had to keep having them repaired. It was a waste of money. We used to race them in car parks.
Liam: We bought some robots that played football too but they would not work because of the Japanese plug.

How come you don't dance on stage like old boy bands used to?
Liam: We don't dance. We think it has been done before and it is old school. I dance a little bit and if I am feeling it I will go for it. It is all about feeling it.
Louis: It would be forced as we genuinely are bad at dancing.
Niall: All we can do is big fish, cardboard box.
Harry: I am a Mick Jagger fan and he can dance, but he does not do synchronized moves.

What are your hobbies at the moment?
Zayn: Louis and I are getting heavily into Tupac. Like big time and we are rapping a lot.

What have you learned during your time on the road?
Zayn: Always take a spare suitcase with you as you can never fit in what you have brought back with you.
Niall: I have learned to take loads of boxer shorts away with me as they always goes missing.
Liam: McDonald's is better in other places.

Niall, is it true that you like to record naked in the studio?
Niall: I recorded "What Makes You Beautiful" in my boxers. It's just comfort. It was really warm in the studio.
Louis: I remember that and it smelled in the studio that day. Young men smell. Niall never breaks a smile when he breaks wind.

Why don't you play any instruments?
Louis: It would be so much cooler if we played instruments. I was going to learn bass but I never found the time. I am busy in hotel rooms.

Harry, is it true that you have taken up ballet as a hobby?
Harry: I have a bad back and I went to the osteopath and he told me I should start ballet and I didn't? I have done a bit of yoga instead.
I think one of my legs is a tiny bit shorter than the other and I had a really big paper round when I was young. I was on my bike and I had a big bag.

Is it hard to not go out and lead normal lives?
Liam: I went to Burger King this morning. You have a better chance when you are on your own. With Twitter everyone turns up and then it is game over.
Harry: I sometimes go out for walks when nobody is around like at night. You can do anything, it's just people thinking you can't do things. Liam always leaves his underwear out on the balcony though.

What did you want to do when you were at school?
Harry:  I worked in a baker's shop but I did not want to be one, not that there is anything wrong with it. I wanted to be a physhio, like sport therapy. When I was at school I said I wanted to be a physio, but my teachers used to tell me there were no jobs so pick something else. I thought about going to university, but I never really wanted to go. I don't know what I would have studied.
Zayn: I would have gone to Uni and studied English. Me and Louis wanted to be teachers. That would have been really cool.
Louis: I would have been a decent teacher.
Niall: I did not get to the end of my exams because of The X Factor. I spent a lot of time outside classroom doors. They did not like to hear me talking as much as I used to.

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