One Direction Member's Half-Eaten Toast Sold on eBay

by Roch Vergara   |  Apr 12, 2012
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The boys of One Direction were invited to a morning show in Australia called Sunrise. During the show, the host prepared local Australian delicacies for the UK-based boyband to try. Niall Horan was given the task to try toast with Vegemite spread, a local delicacy that is made out of brewers' yeast extract that tastes salty and slightly bitter. The 1D cutie took the courage to take a bite from the toast and immediately spitted it out afterwards. He even tweeted what he thought about the spread. He clearly didn't like the taste of it.

After the show, an eBay post was seen saying that the half-eaten toast that Niall ate was up for bidding. Last time we checked, the highest bid reached 100,000 Australian Dollars or around 4.5 million pesos! The bidding has ended and there were no reports on how much the half-eaten toast was sold for.

How about you? Would you buy the half-eaten toast to prove your love for One Direction? Share your thoughts below.

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