OMG! Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf Are Getting Married?! + 4 Other TV Couples We Wish Were Real

Well, while we're on the topic of our favorite TV characters coupling up...
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Nov 21, 2013
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Wait, what? A Gossip Girl x The O.C. wedding happening in the near future? Please be careful with our fangirl hearts! The Internet exploded with news of Adam Brody and Leighton Meester getting engaged yesterday morning. News that totally blew our mind that we had to wait a full 24 hours before coming to terms with the fact, that, yes, it's totes real.

After the initial stages of depression...
"No way!!! Why didn't you wait for me, Seth Cohen?!" (Denial)
"It's unfair. I haven't gotten my Seth-Summer reunion yet. And hello, wasn't Leighton with that hottie on Gossip Girl? Whatever happened to that! My life is a liiiie." (Anger)
"Okay, so maybe this is a good thing. Two of my favorite shows coming together in real life? I can work with this. It's like my fanfic dreams are coming true..." (Bargaining)
"I thought it was just a really bad dream. Hold me..." (Depression) 


...we've finally come to the final stage of acceptance. And because we're such optimistic fangirls, we're turning things around and thinking of 4 more TV characters we wish would get together at least. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

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    Hart of Dixie's 
    Wade Kinsella and Glee's Rachel Berry
    Rachel's had a pretty tough time losing her boyfriend-turned-fiance-turned-boyfriend-again Finn. But somebody a little more mature and has had relationship experience just might be what she needs right now. Wade isn't the perfect boyfriend, but he's the kind of a guy who'll be there for Rachel when she's not feeling her absolute best. He'll make her laugh and forget about her worries. Plus, how about Broadway night at the Rammer Jammer? Pretty sure the folks at Bluebell would love that.
  2. Super Fun Night 
    (via Tumblr)

    New Girl's
    Schmidt and Super Fun Night's Kimmie
    There would be no dull night if these two got together! Can you just imagine all the funny lines they'd be exchanging with each other? Between his OC tendencies and her hilarious bloopers at work, they'll probably balance each other out. We're not sure how Kimmie will get along with Jess, Nick, and Winston, but what's not to love about her, right?

  3. Tumblr
    (via Tumblr)

    The Carrie Diaries'
    Sebastian Kydd and The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes
    If you're up-to-date with The Carrie Diaries, you know that Sebastian's taken a bit of interest in, let's say, more mature women. And what can be more mature than a vampire? Haha! Caroline can be a bit of a pain sometimes, but she's really a sweetheart. We think this would be a match made in blonde heaven!
  4. Tumblr
    (via Tumblr)

    Pretty Little Liars/Ravenswood'
     Caleb Rivers and The Carrie Diaries' Carrie Bradshaw
    Carrie has always been about the bad boy type, but she's realized that maybe complicated isn't what's going to work for her. Caleb's got a bad boy past, but as we've seen on PLL, he's actually a pretty stand-up guy. We think that he's just the right mix of careful and reckless, something that will totally appeal to Carrie. That and we think he'll take such good care of her and won't break her heart.

It could happen, right?

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