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What would you do for love? Ed Sheeran's latest song "Give Me Love" shows you a different side of people who yearn for love.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Nov 14, 2012
photo via YouTube
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"Give Me Love" is Ed Sheeran's latest single from his  album, +. A flashback to a seemingly normal girl opens the video only to discover that she isn't what she appears, she soon finds herself sprouting feathers off her back (Black Swan style) and eventually grows a full set of wings. The girl transforms into Cupid, shooting her deadly arrows at people who then can't help but fall in love. Ed Sheeran's vocals add a heavenly touch to the whole music vid, which makes it more beautiful as it already is visually.

Near the end, Cupid herself realizes that she ironically desires the love her arrows give and in fact shoots herself with it, but will it all be in vain? Watch the video to find out if Cupid gets the love she gives and tell us what you think!

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