Notes From A Girl Who Has Moved On

Inspired by Iris of Till I Met You.
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Sep 15, 2016
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Watching the past few crazy episodes of Till I Met You, you may have found yourself nodding or thinking of your own drama-filled moments. Whether you feel for Basti, who got outright rejected ("basted bago pa man manligaw"); Ali, who found out the person you fell for is in love with your best friend; or Iris, who found out your ­ka-MU is gay, you can probably relate to their love problems.

And whether or not you identify with any of them, you've probably experienced having to move on from a failed relationship (or non-relationship). If you have, the five points below will be familiar. If you're still in the process of moving on, we hope that this will help guide you towards the end of that feels tunnel.

  1. There is a point to all the sadness.

    All that overthinking leads to introspection, which leads to self-realizations. Iris realized that the reason why she loved Ali so much was because she wanted someone who would protect and take care of her like her late Tito Papa was a good guy to her mom. Now she knows exactly what kind of guy she wants—she's just got to make sure that the next guy she likes is straight!

  2. This negative energy can be channeled into something positive.

    Just like Iris threw herself into work to avoid thinking about Ali, you can use this time to throw yourself into school or creative pursuits. If you can’t help but feel things, might as well make something out of it, right? This may result in some of your best, or to be honest, worst work, but who cares? You don't have to put it out unless you want to. And a few months or years from now, your output will be a reminder of how deeply you felt things and proof of how strong you were.

  3. The heart is built to let go of anger and resentment.

    And when it finally does, you'll discover that it's capable of letting happiness and contentment in once again.

  4. There are enough beaches and mountains where you can leave your sorrows behind.

    Scream your heart out and cry as much as you want—mother nature can take it. Afterwards, she will still be there to welcome you back and provide new, better memories.

  5. You can look them in the eye again.

    Not everyone is lucky to have a rock solid friendship like Iris and Ali's, but we all have a capacity to reach a level of common courtesy and decency when it comes to that person you once cursed to hell and back. It may be their fault, it may not be their fault. They may have apologized, they may have not. Still, there will come a point in time when you will feel okay enough to look them in the eye, make small talk, or even become friends with them again. With some time and distance, you'll discover that they're not as ~evil as you once thought—after all, you did fall for them in the first place. You'll see that good you first saw in them in a whole new, hopefully platonic light.

What notes would you add here? Share your thoughts and feelings below.

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