Here's Why We May Never Know Nisa Nuggets' Real Name

And other facts about the student YouTuber!
by The Candy Staff   |  Dec 1, 2020
Image: YOUTUBE/Nisa Nuggets
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It’s hard to keep up with all the YouTube vloggers creating ~quality~ content nowadays, but we say the more the merrier. Vlogs have not only been keeping us entertained while staying at home in quarantine, they also somehow help in making us feel less alone. At the end of the day, most vlogs talk about the same things we care about anyway: friendship, family, school, and the funny moments that come with all of them.

One of our favorite and go-to YouTubers for good vibes and ~laugh compilations~ is Nisa Nuggets. Aside from her real na real comments (and side comments), we also get a peek at what life as a nursing student is like.

Curious to learn more? Here’s everything we know about YouTuber Nisa Nuggets:

Her first video ever was uploaded in April 2018.

Her first upload? A hilarious Shopee haul vid, in case you were wondering. 


We actually first featured Nisa Nuggets back in when she talked about her first earnings as a YouTube content creator. While the video is no longer available for public consumption (Nisa admits she does this from time to time, which we totally get), we learned that she got monetized by June 2018. Her first suweldo? $6.70 (which is roughly P350).

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Fast forward to 2020, and Nisa Nuggets has already accumulated 256 thousand subscribers on YouTube as of writing. Ang galing!

She’s Ilongga.

Lots of people who comment reveal that they initially get caught off guard the moment Nisa speaks in Hiligaynon or Tagalog because they assume she's foreign at first glance. 

She’s actually based in Bacolod, and attends University of St. La Salle. Some of our fave videos are her day-in-the-life school vlogs where we get a glimpse of her life as a nursing student. 

Nisa's a Taurus!

She was born on May 3, 2001. Check out this super cute Beatles cake she had for her 17th birthday:


It seems she's really into music. She's also shared that making playlists is her love language.

Nisa loooves to snack.

In an old vlog (pre-online classes), Nisa talked about how she would often share her baon with her classmates. So sweet!

Aside from her staple Bread Stix baon, she also loves Mcdonald's, and fruits (because balance). Interestingly, she's not a fan of milk tea. (Yes, those people exist).

She loves to travel.

Based on her IG, we've seen that Nisa's already been to Israel and the UK. Locally, she's traveled to Boracay and Cebu. Her dream destinations? South Africa and India.

Blink and you miss the captions!

She has hilarious side comments and commentaries through text that pops up on her vlogs real fast. Blink, and you’ll miss the wittiest parts of her videos. Laugh compilation pa more!


What we still don’t know? Nisa’s full name.

Obviously, her last name is not Nuggets. But she likes to keep some ~mystery~ by not revealing it, which is totally fine by us. Disclaimer: there are no sketchy reasons behind this. It's just a fun 'challenge' she has for her followers.

Her dad is Iranian while her mom is Filipina.

According to Nisa, her dad is Iranian and her mom is Filipina. She has two brothers, an older half-brother who pays for her Netflix and Spotify subscriptions (best!), and a younger brother who is currently 14 years old.

She has five dogs.

And their names are Simba, Luna, Juno, Chewy, and Misty. Meanwhile, she's revealed that she's scared of (some) cats, snakes, but most especially, tuko. LOL!

Marami siyang plano, but considers herself to be a bit *indecisive*.

Nisa reveals she dreams of getting a tattoo, but is worried that she won't choose a design she'll *love* forever. It's also why she's never colored her hair. In other words, di pa ready sa commitment si girl. (Hands up if you can relate, LOL).


This is also why she doesn't like buying *new* things--the pressure to preserve its pristine condition is too much. She prefers secondhand everything: clothes, gadgets, and books. 

You can learn more about her here:

Thinking if you should hit subscribe? Check out her most viewed video so far:


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