7 Fun and *Juicy* Facts We Know About the Ongsee-Guerrero Family

by Karla Gabrielle Trillanes   |  Aug 11, 2021
Image: Instagram/nianaguerrero
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With a combined subscriber count of over 30 million people, one of the most prominent families on social media right now is the Guerrero family. Their blended family is quite an interesting bunch and it’s no surprise that so many people are hooked with every piece of content they put out--be it their pranks, challenges, or their normal, daily vlogs. Here, we list down seven fun facts about Ranz Kyle, Niana, Chelseah Hilary, Nina Stephanie, and Natalia AKA the Ongsee-Guerrero siblings.

Nina Stephanie doesn’t believe that love is blind

During Niana’s Fast Talk video with her siblings, she asked her Ate Nina if she thinks that love is blind. Without hesitation, Nina said that she doesn’t agree with the age-old adage because she believes that you can’t really say that you love someone unless you get to know them first. What a nice perspective, huh?

Learn more about Nina Stephanie in her episode of Candy Fake or Fact:

Chelseah Hilary has a ~type~

In Niana’s Fast Talk vlog, Seah was asked if she likes morenos or mestizos. To which, she quickly answered that she’s more 'inclined' with morenos. In the same video, she mentioned that her type is someone who is family-oriented.

Like most teenagers, Seah and Nina have done rather *questionable* things because of love

One fun video every fan should watch is the siblings’ Drink or Spill vlog where they were tasked to answer *spicy* questions and drink weird condiments if they decide to skip. When asked what was the stupidest thing they did for love, Chelseah and Nina didn’t back down and were saved from drinking hot sauce. Chelseah answered that she lied many times while Nina said na tumakas siya in the past. Just like most of us, they’ve done questionable things in the name of love, LOL!


Niana Guerrero’s celebrity crush is Jungkook from BTS

In the same video, the Ongsee-Guerrero siblings were asked who their crushes were. All of them answered and Niana, as many can relate to, said that she didn’t have any crushes. With the exception of her celeb crush, Jeon Jung-Kook from BTS!

Niana has broken her phone because of their family challenges

The Guerrero’s family vlogs always have a twist in them and that’s what makes them super fun and interesting. TBH, there are a lot of risks involved in their videos especially in the ones that involve challenges. There was a video where Niana broke her phone because she fell into a pool with her phone inside her pocket!

And unfortunately, it almost happened a second time during their dare wheel vlog. Ranz pushed her into the pool and she also had her phone in her pocket. Thankfully, she didn’t break it for the second time and her siblings were able to snoop around her Instagram messages. Through this, we found out that SM Entertainment slid into her DMs!

Ranz Kyle started dancing when he was in the fourth grade

Ranz Kyle is quite famous now because of his impressive dancing skills. He was even a part of a boy band called Chicser in the early days of his career. In his Who Knows Me Better vlog, Ranz shared his humble beginnings as a young fourth grader who started getting into dancing. He was a big fan of Jabbawockeez and like the group, he also grooved to Timbaland and OneRepublic’s “Apologize.” Can you imagine a young Ranz Kyle dancing with a white mask on? Must be super cute!

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Natalia is very kikay and loves to dress up

We usually see the youngest of the Guerrero siblings in baggy shirts and pants because this is a staple outfit for when they’re doing their dance covers. But if there’s one thing that was revealed in one of their Christmas videos, it’s that Natalia is very kikay and she loves to dress up! Her siblings mentioned multiple times throughout the vlog that her Christmas wish is a pair of heels and this was her Ate Seah’s gift for her. Aside from this, she also received a cute dress from her Ate Nina. It’s nice to see that even at a young age, Natalia already knows what she wants, and gets to express herself fully. Love this fam!


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