7 Things to Know About YouTube Star Niana Guerrero

The young YouTube star has quite the following online.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Oct 4, 2020
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One of the youngest and most successful YouTube stars to date is Niana Guerrero. If you're a regular on the video-streaming platform, you might have already chanced upon a video or two from this young YouTube star who has a considerable following not only in the Philippines but also internationally.

Niana is known for making a variety of YouTube content, from funny prank videos with her siblings, a-day-in-the-life vlogs, to dance covers. She's also popularly known as a duo with her brother Ranz Kyle and shares a tight bond with him. Their combined Facebook page Ranz and Niana has almost 7 million likes.

Here are other things you might not know about the young YouTube star: 

Niana is an Aquarius.

Niana is only 14 years old. She was born on January 27, 2006 and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. People born in this sign are known to be helpful to the people around them and are visionaries. 


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Niana has four siblings.

Niana is part of a blended family and is the second youngest among the siblings. She would most often do videos together with her older half-brother, Ranz Kyle Ongsee. Ranz, a former member of the local dance group Chicser, also has his own successful YouTube channel.


Niana also has two older half-sisters who occasionally appear on her videos, Chelsea Hilary Ongsee and Nina Stephanie Guerrero. They also recently started their own YouTube channels.

Niana’s youngest sister is Natalia, who is only five years old. She also regularly joins their dance covers to show off her promising dance moves.


Niana is passionate about dancing.

Aside from making vlogs, Niana is also good at dancing. Her family even turned their basement at home into a mini dance studio, complete with sound-proof walls and an audio system. She would often post dance covers of songs together with her siblings. They've done covers of pop songs like the TikTok-famous "Savage Love" by Jason Derulo and even K-pop songs like Blackpink's "How You Like That."

Here’s one where they danced to BTS’ latest hit “Dynamite” together with their youngest sister Natalia:

Niana is also into music.

Not many may know it, but aside from dancing, Niana is also into making music. She plays the guitar and has a mini keyboard. In her room tour, Niana also showcased her collection of launch pads which she uses to make her own beats from time to time. 

Speaking of her room, she's got a pretty cool space complete with voice-controlled LED lights! Check it out:


She has almost 12 million subs on YT.

At a young age, Niana was able to rack up a huge following on different social media and web platforms. As of writing, Niana’s YouTube channel has 12 million subscribers and over 886 million collective views.

Her first ever video was a Gwiyomi video which she made seven years ago at age seven. Cute! Her Instagram account, on the other hand, has around 10 million followers, NBD.


Niana has collaborated with international internet stars.

There's no question that Niana has followers all over the world. She has even worked and collaborated with international YouTube personalities for various video content. She's created danced-related videos with LA-based choreographers Matt Steffanina, D-Trix, and dancer siblings The Williams Family. She's also collaborated with LA-based music artist AJ Rafael.

Just recently, Niana and Ranz also did a Facebook Live with K-pop idol Somi and her younger sister Evelyn. Natalia, who was a huge fan of Somi's latest release "What You Waiting For," was also part of the video call. They even got to teach Somi and her sister some Filipino words! Here's a peek at the cutest interaction among the siblings:

Ranz and Niana have released their own songs.

Aside from being content creators on YouTube, the siblings are also recording artists. Their Spotify page "Ranz and Niana" has around 9,000 monthly listeners and contains their singles "New Jam," "Great Day," and "Dip."


Another original track they released was a single called "You Can Do It" which they dropped in 2017. The sibling duo also got to perform the song for the first time during the 2017 YouTube FanFest in Indonesia.


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