Niall Horan Talks About Writing His Favorite Song Ever

Plus the best moment he remembers from recording his first solo record.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Sep 28, 2017
Image: MCA Music Inc.
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You can already pre-order Niall Horan's solo record, which drops on October 20. But just to tease you a little more, we're sharing more from our interview with the One Direction member last July in Singapore. Here, he talks about how he wrote his favorite song ever and also shares a bit about the best moment while he was recording Flicker.

When asked if he has a favorite track from his new album, he says, "I'm very excited about one song in particular. Best song I've ever written, I think. The most beautiful and the most precious and delicate song I've ever written. I wrote it on a day when I wasn't really trying to write. I was just sitting at home, watching TV and I just picked up a guitar, put the recorder of my phone on my knee and just started playing. I started singing lyrics that were an idea that I had. It's my favorite song that I've ever written. When the album comes out, I will explain."


The album isn't out yet, but Nialler has already released the tracklist, which features 10 songs plus an additional 3 tracks for the deluxe version. He also revealed which his fave song is, which is actually the one which his album is named after. In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Beats 1 Radio show, he said that it was a very poignant moment during the recording process.

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In the same interview where he talks about his favorite track, he also shared with this particular moment. He narrates, "We were recording my favorite song on the album, which is quite an emotional one. On these songs, 30-40-year-old men who go to the studio every day and play on everyone else's music and they don't really have to care about any of the songs they actually do. It's just their day job is to go and play. Well, one time I was recording my favorite song and I was sitting down at the booth and I was playing the guitar and I played along with the band. And it's quite an emotional song. After two takes of the song, the producer just came into our ears and said, 'Okay, we need to go and take a break now. Everyone's getting a bit emotional.' So we all walked outside and nobody spoke a sentence for twenty minutes. It was very emotional. Everyone was taken aback by what had just happened. I think that was quite a poignant moment in the making of the album because I was waiting for an emotional wrecking ball to come in like that and I think it did."


Oh, Niall. We can't wait to hear "Flicker." ♥ October 20, please come sooner.

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