'Nevertheless' Actress Lee Ho Jung Reveals Which SolJiwan Scene Was the Hardest to Do

ICYDK, Lee Ho Jung plays Yun Sol in the K-drama!
by Mary Joyce Bernal   |  Aug 25, 2021
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The Netflix adaptation of the Korean webtoon Nevertheless released its final episode on Sunday, August 22. The closing of the series garnered mixed reactions from viewers, with some defending the JaeBi ship (Jae Eon and Na Bi, played by Song Kang and Han So Hee) and others feeling utterly disappointed with the outcome. But if there’s one thing a lot of us can agree on, it’s that the stories of the side characters are interesting to follow.

Among the lovable side couples in Nevertheless is the only same-sex pairing in the drama: Yun Sol and Seo Ji Wan (played by Lee Ho Jung and Yoon Seo Ah, respectively). They are two of Na Bi’s closest friends in college, later on proving to be the perfect example of the childhood friends-to-lovers trope.

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In an interview with her agency, YG Entertainment, translated by the Hallyu news website Soompi, Lee Ho Jung talks about her experience portraying one of the few lesbian characters in K-drama.

Yun Sol is undeniably one of the most well-written characters in Nevertheless. It wasn’t hard to like her from the beginning, and Lee Ho Jung admitted that she also instantly fell in love with Sol. No wonder she portrayed Sol’s charisma perfectly! She did such a great job portraying Yun Sol that she joked that people who knew her seemed to prefer her Nevertheless character than, well, herself.

As for the scene that set the turning point in their characters’ relationship, the confession scene with a drunken Ji Wan, this proved to be the most difficult to shoot out of all their scenes. “We were both so nervous,” she admitted.

If Sol and Ji Wan’s dynamics felt real, it was because the actresses dedicated themselves fully to the role. They wanted to make Sol and Ji Wan’s relationship appear natural, and they did this by often meeting up with each other to practice. Ho Jung also pointed out that Yoon Seo Ah, like her character Ji Wan, is very “lovable.”


When it comes to the side characters’ storylines, ten episodes feel quite bitin for them, TBH. Lee Ho Jung shared the same sentiment. Despite how quickly the series ended, the Nevertheless cast members have easily become best friends. Ho Jung shared, “Maybe it’s because we were all close in age, but we talked a lot without holding back and learned from each other while filming.”


ICYDK, Nevertheless is not Lee Ho Jung’s first acting stint. The 24-year-old model and actress has already made appearances on the tearjerker drama Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, the war film The Battle of Jangsari, and the action-comedy movie Midnight Runners, among others. She will also be a part of another webtoon-based drama, My Jinx’s Lover.


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