Why It's Important That We Support Our Fellow Ladies Just Like These Women on TV

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 7, 2017
Image: Netflix
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While we still have a long way to go before the problematic portrayal of women on TV and in movies completely disappear, we're happy that there are ones that speak to us and our daily lives.

Gone are the days when ladies were unrealistically portrayed in the media. Those days of showing that women only get together (and even fall apart!) only when they're talking about their favorite things or guys (!!!) are long gone. We are instead given something relatable, something that speaks to our everyday victories and struggles as females.

Orange Is the New Black was one of the TV series that began pushing for more empowering women on TV in 2013. The women of the Litchfield Correctional Facility gave us a glimpse of what it's like when women from different races and different ages get together when their lives are threatened. Something we all do every single day—whether online or offline—when people attempt to trample on our rights. 


Whether they've committed a huge crime or not, whether they're sorry for that or are not, the Litchfield women have shown us that there is always a family and a sisterhood that will welcome you—not with soft and warm arms, but with ones that were built with steel. Worse comes to worst, they will always have your back no matter what the cost.


It is no secret, though, that not all women feel like they fit in or that they have something they can bring to the table. That's what we love most about GLOW. The fact that we're struggling, as the series shows us, means that we fit in. Once we decide to face those struggles head on while finding a steady support system who are also struggling with the same thing, we'll be able to make something incredible and powerful that will inspire others to do the same.


And while us, women, are bonded by the things that we have in common most of the time, the ropes that connect all of us only become stronger when we're tested together in times of adversity and differences—whether it's about gender equality or about our dreams. This bond may be complicated or too difficult for some to understand, but those complexities and difficulties are exactly the things that will make our relationships stand the toughest of times. Just like Grace and Frankie's on Grace and Frankie.


That's why we need to show women who are powerful in the midst of struggles on TV more. We need characters that are relatable, that somehow know what we're going through. Society has already set impossible standards for us and, aside from memes and posts on social media that open our hearts and minds to these realities, we need someone (even someone fictional) to keep our eyes on as we try and figure out who we're meant to become.

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