Nat Wolff and Selena Gomez Behave Badly In Their New Movie

They did behave badly for this movie!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 11, 2014
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Look who's on a roll: It's one of our favorite guys, Nat Wolff. He's playing Isaac in The Fault In Our Stars and has also been cast as Quentin in Paper Towns, Nat stars in coming-of-age film Behaving Badly (previously titled Parental Guidance Suggested). And in case you didn't notice the headline, he's teamed up with Selena Gomez!

Based on Ric Browde's novel While I'm Dead... Feed the Dog, Behaving Badly is about our tendencies to make destructive choices whenever we want something so bad, like wanting to fit in or wanting the attention of the person we're in like with. Here, Nat's character Ric is crazy about Selena's Nina. He's willing to go through anything just to be with the girl he likes.

They really did behave badly in that trailer. And judging from the title alone, we're guessing this movie will either get an R-16 or R-18 rating if ever it'll be shown here. We're hoping it will be.


Behaving Badly is set to hit cinemas in the United States on September 2014. Maybe they'll be releasing it at the same time here, too. We're crossing our fingers because we want to see our favorite teen stars together in one movie.

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