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by Chloe Ramirez   |  Nov 12, 2016
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Everyone (LITERALLY EVERYONE!) was caught by surprise when The Vamps announced that they'd be coming to Manila a third time for an intimate concert on the 12th of November at the Kia Theater. Earlier this year, Brad, James, Tristan, and Connor of the perfectly crafted four-piece band held a huge concert in the Philippines, and their coming back so soon is definitely too good to be true for each and every fan in Manila.

Before the show, we got to catch up with them and share a couple of words and laughs. And lo and behold, we discovered that even with our online sleuthing and diehard fan-level stalking, they still manage to astonish us with the weirdest, craziest, and most hilarious stories ever!

On Girls and Dates

It's crazy to think that of the thousands of thousands of fans they have worldwide, they all haven't actually dated a fan. But with a smirk on his face, Brad assures us that there's absolutely nothing to be worried about, "We're not ruling it out. Fans are people too! Our Filipino fans are very nice. Very beautiful. Very supportive!" We're safe, girls! Still got a shot!


"I'd like a girl who's really rich… I'm joking! I like a girl who doesn't take herself too seriously. Just enjoying life, you know." -Tristan

And though we'd probably disagree with this, Brad seems to be pretty determined when he said that they're very bad at dating. Their advice for when something doesn't go as planned? Always have a joke in your back pocket. "I always find the funny side of things," says James. "So when something goes wrong, I always just crack a joke."

On Music and Traveling

Taylor Swift still seems to have kept her spell on the boys, James especially, as one after the other, they say her name when asked about who they look up to amongst other artists.

"I really like her older stuff. There's a song called Mary's Song. I like that song. But I like all Taylor music." —James

"Is one of her cats called Mary?" —Brad
"Meredith. It's Meredith." —James

The boys have met many other artists and musicians from all around the world and have collaborated with them to create music and find inspiration. Travelling has had a massive influence on their music and style. And throughout their career, they take influences where they can. During their eight day trip to India, they were busy writing and recording a brand new English song for the upcoming Bollywood action film Shivaay.

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"Just recently, we collaborated with two Indian producers and songwriters, Vishal and Shekhar, and I think just working with them gives us massive insight into Indian music and Indian culture, and we try and take as much of that and absorb as much of that as we can. It's like a nice meeting of two worlds." -Brad

On Coming Back to the Philippines

It's amazing how these gentlemen remain to be the cheeky, charismatic, and down-to-earth rascals they were when they first rose to fame. And through and through, they continue to be eternally thankful to the fans who continue to support them. Brad smiles as he informs us that they will most probably release their upcoming album next year, and that in between then and now, they'll definitely release more songs from the album. Available now is a bundle which has the acoustic version of their ever-so-popular single "All Night."

The Philippines seems to have a special place in their hearts, considering that their new EP had its exclusive physical release in our very own country. By teaming up with Norwegian house DJ Matoma, Brad, Tristan, James, and Connor were able to put a different spin into their sound, and the band gave a collective nod when asked just how important this was. The EP also contains three originals produced by Brad and Connor called "Talk Shows," "Scars," and "Hideaway."


"We're doing some smaller shows before the world tour kicks in next year, but we're definitely, definitely, for sure, coming back to the Philippines for the world tour." —James

Great things are coming, indeed! Who's excited?

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