Did You Know? The Title of Moira’s Song ‘Paubaya’ Was Actually From a Fan

This meaningful and now-viral song has quite the story!
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Mar 1, 2021
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In case you missed it, the behind-the-scenes video of the "Paubaya" MV filming just dropped on Moira Dela Torre's YT channel, and not only did we get to see cute off-screen moments between Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto but we also got to learn more about how the feelsy song came to be, straight from Moira herself.

It turns out, "Paubaya" is actually made during quarantine, and the song title was an idea that came from one of Moira's fans. "I knew I wanted to close the Patawad era a certain way but I just couldn't figure it out," Moira starts. 

Jason Hernandez, Moira's husband and also a musician, then showed her a chord pattern which she hummed a sweet melody to. A few hours later, Jason comes back with a poem, they worked out a story around it, and "Paubaya" as we know it came to be!

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Regarding the song title, Moira shares that they shared the news of a new *untitled* song to 10 to 15 lucky fans of theirs. One of them suggested "Paubaya" and it seems Moira loved it that she went with it! In a way, it's like a collab between the artist and fans.

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Aside from the title, Moira also shared how and why JoshLia were the perfect pair to star in the song's MV. Initially, they really planned to have a wedding scene in the MV, but instead of touching wedding vows, they'd have heartbreaking "parting vows" instead.  

"For the 'Paubaya' music video, we wanted to be realistic with the emotions, with forgiveness, with what goes on in the heads of people who are actually going through this," Moira says. From the beginning, they really wanted Joshua and Julia to star in the MV to bring these concepts to life (not just as actors but also as scriptwriters!), and they more than delivered.


The "Paubaya" music video now has 22 million views on YouTube, just two weeks after it was dropped!

Watch the BTS of the MV filming here:


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