6 Fast Facts You Should Know About BINI's Mikha Lim

by Leika Golez   |  May 5, 2022
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/bini_mikha, Instagram/bini_ph
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If there’s anything we love about the new generation of stars, it’s their adaptability. Lots of Gen Z talents today know how to act, sing, and dance, plus they even have the charm and wit to top it all off. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that these rising celebrities never hesitate to step outside of their comfort zones. For instance, we’ve been noticing a lot of P-Pop idols venture beyond the music industry lately—from the SB19 boys entering the Pinoy Big Brother house to BGYO’s Akira Morishita leading the cast of Bola Bola

Similarly, BINI’s Mikha Lim is ready to reach new heights in her career. Having recently joined the main cast of He’s Into Her, this budding personality is certainly an up-and-coming multi-hyphenate. We have no doubts that she’ll make it big in the coming years, so here’s a quick guide to six fun facts you should know about Mikha. 


1. Mikha was born in 2003. 

Mikhaela Janna Jimea Lim was born on November 3, 2003 as the bunso among her two siblings. While Mikha spent the majority of her early childhood years in Cebu City, she only learned how to speak Tagalog when she moved to Sta. Rosa, Laguna six years later. Not long after, her family moved again to Silang, Cavite and stayed there for eight years before going to Manila. That means the 18-year-old musician has only been living in the country’s metro for about four years now.

2. Mikha has always enjoyed singing.

Influenced by her father’s love for music, Mikha enjoyed singing from a very young age. In fact, the two of them are even karaoke buddies! Although Mikha was naturally talented in music, she refused to join singing competitions because she considered singing to be a mere hobby while growing up. Likewise, she has also admitted that she didn’t take up formal dance lessons because she was still nahihiya and insecure back then. 

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3. Mikha used to be a Star Hunt Academy Trainee.

In 2018, Mikha took a leap of faith and auditioned on ABS-CBN’s Star Hunt. Fun trivia: She didn’t tell her parents that she was trying out until her actual audition day! 

Despite her initial hesitations, Mikha successfully completed the 5-day boot camp and was chosen to be among the 100 aspirants. When the number further whittled down to 20, Mikha was finally housed as a trainee inside the camp. There, she received the opportunity to hone her singing and dancing skills with vocal coaches Kitchy Molina and Anna Graham, as well as dance coaches Mickey Perz and Matthew Almodovar. Since Star Hunt Academy also partnered with a Seoul-based training school called MU Doctor Academy, Mikha also went through the rigorous Korean trainee system to improve her discipline. 

Looking back, Mikha describes her trainee days as the “worst phase of her life” because the painstaking process made her doubt her passion for showbiz. Fortunately, all her efforts eventually bore fruit when she graduated from Star Hunt Academy in 2020. 


4. Mikha is the main rapper of BINI. 

After enduring the stringent two-year training period, Mikha officially became a member of eight-member idol group BINI. While Mikha is clearly a well-rounded performer, she’s officially the girl group’s main rapper, lead dancer, and visual. They pre-debuted with the single “Da Coconut Nut” in 2020, with its success leading to an inked deal with ABS-CBN. A year later, they released their official debut single "Born To Win" in a two-part event called BINI: The Launch. FYI, their fandom is officially named BLOOM to symbolize the beautiful beginnings of springtime. 

5. Mikha is athletic. 

Mikha has raved about her love for all sports in several interviews before, but volleyball is her self-confessed favorite. In middle school, she played volleyball for three years as a setter. When she went to high school, however, she fell in love with cheerleading. That explains why she’s so flexible and great with stunts!


6. Mikha is a fangirl. 

Yup, this P-pop idol is also a fangirl at heart, just like the rest of us! In her free time, she loves watching anime and K-dramas. In case you’re looking for some recs, some of her favorites include All Of Us Are Dead, W: Two Worlds, and Descendants of the Sun. She also listens to K-pop groups, namely TXT, BTS, EXO, and ITZY.

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