7 Things to Know About Miguel Romulo

Did you know that he has his own YouTube channel?
by Mylene Mendoza   |  May 30, 2021
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Aside from our favorite influencers, many of us for sure have taken interest in the other personalities that regularly appear in their content, including their siblings and jowas. If you are a member of the famiREI, aka YouTuber and content creator Rei Germar's fans, then you will know all about Miguel Romulo.

Miguel or Migy, as Rei and her fans like to call him, is Rei's long-time boyfriend. He often makes appearances in Rei's videos, which is why her viewers consider both of them as #CoupleGoals. But in case you didn't know, Migy is also a budding content creator himself. Curious to know more about Migy and his relationship with Rei? Read on for a few things we learned about him through his vlogs:

Here are 7 interesting facts about Miguel Romulo

1. Migy and Rei have been together for almost seven years.

Migy and Rei have known each other since their college days (fun fact: they both took up the same course in college!) and, back then, they were both in a relationship with different people. Migy just casually followed Rei on Instagram after seeing a photo of her on his Instagram Explore feed, and Rei simply followed him back. Fast forward to when they were both single, they coincidentally matched on Tinder! And as the cool couple that they are, Rei and Migy first met in person at a music festival. How cool is that? You can learn more about their love story in this video:

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2. Migy has his own YouTube channel.

In case you didn't know, Migy is also a content creator in his own right and has quite the photography skills (as mentioned by content kween Rei herself!). He has a YouTube channel, and as of writing, it has over half a million subscribers. It seems that it was initially a joint channel for him and Rei, but it has since become Migy's personal channel a year ago. There, he shares random snippets of his life, his interest in tech and cars, as well as his relationship with Rei.

In a guest appearance on Kryz Uy and Slater Young's podcast, Rei shares that Migy is really passionate about making content and talks about what kind of content creator Migy is. According to Rei, Migy is less concerned about the numbers and more focused on the quality of the photos and other types of content he posts, which is quite different from how Rei works. Although they have different opinions about work from time to time, they both reach a compromise and work things out together. Truly #CoupleGoals!


3. Migy has a sister.

Rei isn't the only one that has featured in a vlog by Migy. ICYDK, his younger sister has also made an appearance on his YouTube channel! Check out his Japan vlog from 2019 if you want to see more relatable sibling interaction between Migy and his younger sister:

4. People think Migy sounds like James Reid.

Just scroll through the comments section of his YouTube videos and you'll spot a few subscribers saying so! Do you think so, too?

5. Migy and Rei have tried living together.

In 2020, the two stayed together in the Germar residence in Bulacan. They even have a vlog where they share how they spend their time together at home, which involves a lot of working out, doing TikTok videos, and eating!

6. Migy has his own condo.

In late 2020, Migy also moved out of Rei's home and into a new condo. He recently uploaded a room tour where you will be able to spot framed posters of his favorite movies as well as his growing toy collection feature action figures of famous pop culture characters like Marvel heroes Iron Man, War Machine, and Captain America.


7. Migy has a business venture with Rei.

Migy and Rei are not only a #ContentCreator couple, they are also a business-savvy one. They have a few joint business ventures together, one of which is By September, a hand-made and locally manufactured line of fine jewelry.


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