4 Free Messaging Apps That Have End-to-End Encryption

Sending sensitive information or messages with TMI?
by The Candy Staff   |  Apr 14, 2021
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Because there are countless free messsaging apps available on the market, it can be tempting to just blindly take advantage of the fact that they require no payment for us to use them. Still, it wouldn't hurt to exercise caution and do some research about which of these apps are actually safe to use.

For instance, some messaging apps do not have end-to-end encryption—a security feature that prevents third parties from accessing the message you sent through the app. Essentially, messages that are encrypted this way can be opened and read only by the individual who's supposed to receive it. Additionally, apps with end-to-end encryption do not store messages and their contents on a server.

If you weren't aware, Facebook Messenger, one of the most popular messaging apps, currently does not have this by default. So if you want an extra layer of privacy or are sending messages with TMI, you might want to opt for apps that are end-to-end encrypted instead. The good news is, there are a couple of free messaging platforms that carry this useful feature.


Below, we list down 5 free apps with end-to-end encryption:


Available on: iOS and Android

WhatsApp is a messaging platform that is owned by Facebook, and it is currently the only messaging app of theirs that offers end-to-end encryption. Through the app, you can send text and voice messages, videos, photos, and documents.

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Available on: iOS and Android

Viber allows users to send messages, images, and files safely. They also have stickers and GIFs and allow users to make voice and video calls. You may also delete messages once you have sent them or set disappearing messages that "self-destruct" after some time. The app also does not feature any suspicious ads that are fed by the contents of your messages.


Available on: iOS and Android

LINE, a messaging app that originated from Japan, originally did not have end-to-end encryption by default (Users would have to enable it manually if they want). In 2016, however, the app introduced end-to-end encryption, which they call Letter Sealing, as a default feature.



Available on: iOS and Android

Signal is a messaging app that prioritizes end-to-end encryption. Users may send private messages to individuals or groups, which may include images, files, videos, and even voice notes.


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