Meet the Five New Wildcats in High School Musical 4

We're really trying our best to be chill about this RN.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 3, 2016
Disney Channel
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Finally, we have names! Yesterday, Disney Channel announced that they're going to make a reboot of the High School Musical franchise which will introduce a new batch of Wildcats. We were a bit sad that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens won't be there, but we also felt happy to know that we'll be having new characters to love.

According to, there are five new Wildcats we're going to see in High School Musical 4. And they've also announced the names! The producers are now looking for actors to play the five new lead characters: a soccer player, a bad boy dancer, a jock/theater nerd who's the cousin of Ryan and Sharpay Evans, a cheerleader, and a fallen queen bee (WHUT, drama!).

Soccer player Erin is the only girl on the soccer team. She starts falling for bad boy dancer Derek, who's a toughie on the outside but an actual softie on the inside. Plus points because according to the report, he gives dance lessons to little girls at his family's dance studio. *sigh* But conflict comes in the form of Ryan and Sharpay's cousin (we had a feeling this would happen, LOL!) Campbell, the captain of the soccer team, who has a crush on Erin and who's also not so happy to know she likes Derek. D'aww! But of course, Erin finds comfort in her BFF Nathalie, an outgoing cheerleader. And we'll also have Tamara, the fallen queen bee who just wants to be back up the social ladder again.

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So much drama! But what we're looking forward to aside from knowing who'll play these new characters are the dance steps and the songs. And seems like we're in good hands. Teen Beach Movie's Jeff Hornaday will be directing and working on the choreography for the movie. While Peter Barsocchini and Dan Berendsen are returning to write the script. No release date was announced yet, but we're feeling too excited for this still! Ya$$$!

Who would you want to play the characters in the new High School Musical movie? Let's talk in the comments. We always love hearing from you. :)

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