Me Before You: 5 Book Scenes We're Excited to See in the Movie

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Jun 13, 2016
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Me Before You finally premieres this week and we're more than ready to cry our hearts out. We couldn't put the book down when we started reading about sharp, sarcastic, quadriplegic Will and his carer, the quirky, no-filter, small town girl Lou. While we understand that it's impossible to squeeze the whole book into the movie, we do hope these five pivotal scenes make the cut—and based on the trailers, it looks like we won't be disappointed!

  1. Orchestra night.

From Will convincing Lou to wear her red "ka-pow" dress with confidence to Lou getting lost in the classical music she was so reluctant to listen to, their first real night out is definitely a night to remember.

  1. Lou's birthday.

This is the first time that Lou’s family and Will meet, the first time that the two biggest parts of Lou's life intersect. And like any birthday party/family gathering, there’s plenty of drama but also a lot of gifts!

  1. The maze.

Each person has a story and sometimes that story is sad, surprising, even sickening. Lou finds herself opening up to Will in the same place where this particular story of hers began. 

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  1. The wedding.

When Will faces the biggest challenge of his life, attending the wedding of his ex-girlfriend and ex-best friend, Lou is right there with him as a friend, confidant, and kickass dance partner.

  1. The getaway.

Lou manages to convince Will to spend 10 days in paradise, where they both discover new aspects of themselves and finally lay their cards on the table. 

Catch Me Before You in theaters starting June 15.

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