5 Fast Facts You Should Know About Mavy Legaspi

The young actor is ready to make a name for himself in the industry.
by Leika Golez   |  Apr 26, 2022
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Growing up in the limelight is tough for celebrity children, but this typically doesn’t dissuade them from following in their parents’ footsteps. For instance, showbiz royalty Mavy Legaspi is all grown up and ready to make a name for himself in the industry. At 21 years old, Mavy is a talented actor, a studious college student, and a young star in the making. If you’re trying to find a new Gen Z celebrity to stan, this cutie will certainly end your search! Scroll down to read five fast facts you should know about Mavy. 

1. Mavy was born abroad. 

Mavy was born in Los Angeles, California on January 6, 2001, alongside his fraternal twin sister Cassy Legaspi. They were delivered via Cesarean section, and Mavy was the twin who came first even though Cassy was technically older than him by two minutes. Just in case you’re curious, Mavy’s official full name is Maverick Peter Villaroel Legaspi. He was initially supposed to be named “Zacharia,” but his parents ultimately went for “Maverick” after getting inspired by Tom Cruise’s character in the movie Topgun


2. Mavy comes from a showbiz family.

As we mentioned earlier, Mavy was exposed to the local entertainment industry at a very young age due to his parents’ work. ICYDK, Mavy’s the only son of veteran actors Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel. Given these circumstances, it’s no surprise that Mavy didn’t hesitate to start accepting showbiz projects at an early age. Like his twin sister, Mavy kicked off his career as a commercial model for big local brands such as Baby Bench Cologne and Selecta Ice Cream. 

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3. Mavy is a budding actor.

Although Mavy grew up working on numerous brand endorsements, it was only in 2018 when he officially inked a deal with GMA Artist Center. Apparently, he only realized that he wanted to pursue show business full-time during his teen years. Four years after securing his contract, Mavy has proven his acting prowess in television shows Daddy’s Gurl and I Left My Heart in Sorsogon. Thanks to the overwhelming success of the latter show, he recently became the official love team partner of teen actress Kyline Alcantara. In addition, Mavy has also hosted Sarap, ‘Di Ba? and has performed on the Studio 7 stage.


4. Mavy enjoys playing sports.

Prior to taking an interest in the entertainment industry, Mavy was certain that he was going to be a professional tennis player and an engineer. As a kid, he competed in several tennis tournaments and dreamed of becoming the next Rafael Nadal. Beyond tennis, Mavy was also his father’s biking buddy and one of Reedley International School’s varsity basketball players. In fact, he even once called Kobe Bryant his idol! 


However, he gave up on being a professional athlete in his teens because bashers would often accuse him of being a cheater. “I was competing in a high level of tennis and of course, there’s always that saying na nangdadaya ako because of my background, because of my family. When I win, it was always under the table, something like that. I’d always want to lose,” Mavy recounted in a past YouTube vlog from February.


Fortunately, Mavy can now deal with naysayers in a healthier way because his mom helped him realize that pleasing everyone is impossible.

5. Mavy is a working college student. 

Initially, Mavy was planning to move to the United States with his relatives so he could be a student-athlete at the University of California, Los Angeles. Due to the shift in his career trajectory, Mavy ended up staying in the country instead to study Business Management while pursuing acting gigs. Asked about how he chose his course, Mavy explained that he was interested to learn more about entrepreneurship and investments so he can make the most out of his savings. He also admitted that it’s difficult to juggle work and school most times, though his parents always motivate him to complete his studies. Bonus trivia: Mavy and Cassy graduated high school together from Reedley International School in 2019.



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