Everything We Know So Far About "Luv Is: Love at First Read," MavLine's New TV Series

The first episode will air on June 12!
by Marit Samson   |  Jun 1, 2023
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Prepare yourselves for more kilig this June 2023 because GMA’s second collaboration with Wattpad Webtoon Studios is about to grace our screens! Bannered by real-life couple Mavy Legaspi and Kyline Alcantara, Love at First Read is expected to have everything that we’re looking for in a feel-good love story.

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Five months after its announcement, here’s what we know so far about the show:

1) It’s part of an ongoing TV series

Love at First Read will be the second installment to GMA’s on-going TV series entitled Luv Is, featuring different love stories adapted from Wattpad. The MavLine-starred show is set to follow the first featured story of Luv Is entitled Caught in His Arms, another Wattpad Webtoon Studios project starring Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay

2) The plot is something we haven’t seen before


Written by an online author with the pseudonym Chixnita, the story first gained popularity in Wattpad with a total of 23.3 million reads. The plot follows a secret romantic named Kudos Pereseo—portrayed by Mavy—who is looking for the perfect girl. In the midst of his pursuit, he finds a diary and believes that its owner is the perfect partner for him. Abby de Makapili—portrayed by Kyline—is the owner of the said diary.

However, Kudos meets another girl named Angelica, who is the exact opposite of Kudos with regards to their perception of love. She distrusts men and has no interest in finding love. Their polar differences cause friction at first but as they bond and get to know each other, feelings start growing between the two. So now, Kudos is torn between two very different women—Abby and Angelica.

Here’s the twist: Abby and Angelica are one and the same. How is this possible? Who will he choose? What will happen once he finds out? Watch the show to see what happens! 

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3) The cast is full of young rising stars

Aside from Mavy and Kyline, Love at First Read is completed by a cast of other young rising stars, namely, Josh Ford as Train; Pam Prinster as Hazel; Bruce Roeland as Risk; Larkin Castor as Shield; Therese Malvar as Abigail; Mariel Pamintuan as Sandy; and Gueco twins Gabby and Kiel as Psalm and Philemon. Aside from these fresh faces, also starring are industry veterans Maricar de Mesa as Yumi, Abby’s mom; Jestoni Alarcon as Hector, Kudos’ dad; and Jackie Lou Blanco as Truly, Kudos’ mom.

4) The soundtrack will feature Gen Z and p-pop music stars

A good show is never complete without a soundtrack to compliment the feels. Adding to the many things that are making us excited for the show’s premiere, Love at First Read would also have an original soundtrack featuring the five-member P-POP boy group VXON and Idol Philippines first ever winner Zepahnie Dimaranan.


5) The first episode will air soon

Mark your calendars: The first-ever episode is coming to GMA on June 12, 2023! Watch the full trailer below: 

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