Matthew Morrison Teaches Chace Crawford How to Surf

Or so Chace says.
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Jun 26, 2011
photo via Funny or Die
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In a new Funny or Die spoof, Chace Crawford shares what he learned from Matthew Morrison. “Matt taught me a lot about surfing and really how to ride that wave out until the very end. And in turn, that taught me about love and life and how to cook an oatmeal frittata and how to build up my pecs so I can see all six of my abs now.” Chace deadpans, “No, I’ve never actually met Matt.”

For more laughs, watch the video and see Glee’s Mr. Schu as a singing lawyer and prisoner. Ugly Betty’s Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Lost’s Rebecca Mader star in the spoof too.

Which part had you laughing the loudest? Do you wish there really were boxed sets of Plea and Flee? Tell us in a comment!

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