Marvin Fojas Gets Real About Quitting 5-Year Job to Pursue His Passion

The content creator makes a big career shift.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Oct 3, 2020
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For anyone who thinks that it's too late and that they're too old to pursue their dreams and passions, this content creator's story might just make you think otherwise.

Marvin Fojas got the public's attention for the GV TikToks he makes about life as a student. He also liked to use terms "Luh, bhie" in his posts and made it a staple part of his content. Content creation is Marvin's true passion, which is why he made the decision to quit his day job and commit to it full-time.

On October 1, Marvin tweeted that he resigned from his job of five years to focus solely on being a full-time content creator. "I planned, worked hard, and prepared enough for this. This was my dream, i will make this work," his tweet said.

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In his series of tweets, Marvin hopes for his followers to remind themselves that it takes time to make your dreams come true, and that they "can wait." For him, it took five years after graduating from college to finally pursue his passion. 

Outside of the internet, Marvin is a licensed pharmacist. And while he's switching career lanes, Marvin promised to use his platform and influence to "uplift our profession."

While Marvin's career shift is inspiring, it certainly was not made on a whim and required a lot more than just taking risks. "It was a big decision na matagal pinagisipan at pinaghandaan. It’s more than just courage. It’s a combination of planning, working, being practical and a lot more." he adds in another tweet.


For anyone who's looking to do the same, Marvin is planning to upload a video on his YouTube channel about his big career shift in hopes of helping others decide for themselves. 


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