Marathon These Movies With Your Entire Barkada This Weekend

Celebrate the love month with your BFFs this weekend with these movies!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 6, 2016
Majoy Siason
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The long weekend is here, Candy Girls! If you have nothing to do today or if you're planning to stay indoors with your friends this weekend because you're all saving up for Valentine's weekend, then we have one suggestion for you. Why don't you marathon movies all day today? We actually rounded up a few suggestions for you today, so you don't have to fight over the remote control and that huge stack of DVDs in your living room. Happy viewing!

  1. 7 Classic Rom-Com Movies

    Go on a trip down memory lane and watch one or all of these movies—we even chose one per decade since the 1950s! There's A Walk To Remember10 Things I Hate About YouClueless, and more!
  2. 7 Movies That Prove There's Life After Heartbreak

    Did one of your friends just go through a breakup? Then you should watch these movies and help her cope. These titles might actually help cheer her up and make her see all the love around her again.
  3. 10 Most Picture-Perfect Movies

    Go places even while at the comfort of your home by choosing to stream these titles. The cinematography of these movies will trigger your wanderlust, which is honestly a good preparation for when summer vacation comes a few months from now.
  4. 7 Movies With the Best Declarations of Love

    In the mood to be cheesy with your barkada? One or all of these movies will make you feel like shouting your love for another person from the rooftop of your house! From Nat Wolff reading his poetry in front of the class in Stuck In Love to Ansel Elgort's heartfelt speech in The Fault In Our Stars, this movie list has you covered!
  5. 10 Movies That Will Make You Ugly-Cry

    Sometimes all you need is just a good cryfest to get rid of all the bad vibrations from your chest. You don't have to do this alone, though. Gather your friends and watch all these movies that will make your eyes cry buckets RN!
  6. 7 Movies That Prove Love Can Last Forever

    Or at least in movies. Stop being bitter about anything and everything love-related and watch all of these films ASAP. The love month is not about having someone to cuddle and hold hands with. It's about celebrating love in all its forms.
  7. 10 Star Wars References In Movies

    Wondering what Star Wars is all about? Before you watch all seven movies, orient yourself first about all the titles that referenced this iconic film series.

Which movies are you watching? Share your lists with us in the comments. We always love hearing from you. :)

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