#MakeIcaSmile1D: A One Direction Super Fan Is Missing Today's Show After an Accident

1D super fan Ica is missing today's show after an accident last Thursday, and Directioners are tweeting to make the boys notice and give her a shoutout for her speedy recovery.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 22, 2015
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While we're all busy preparing for On the Road Again Tour's second day in Manila and even busy stalking the hashtags #NOCHILLPHILIPPINES and #OTRATManila, one One Direction superfan is missing the chance of a lifetime to see the boys today.

Ica saved up her allowance and got good grades just to buy a ticket for the second day of the boys' Manila stop. But on Thursday, she met an accident that got her hospitalized until today. Her cousin Instagrammed a collage of her photos with this caption: 

This my cousin Ica, a crazy One Direction superfan. She saved all her allowance and got good grades just so she could go to their concert this Sunday. Sadly, on Thursday she was in an accident that's now left her in hospital. She's missing the chance of a lifetime to see One Direction in person. I know bands do shout-outs to fans all the time so it would be super cool if you guys could help us make this post reach them. A simple message to her would mean everything right now. @onedirection just 5 mins of your time to wish her a speedy recovery would make all the difference in the world for this girl. Please tag @niallhoran @niazkilam @harrystyles @louist91 @fakeliampayne @onedirection @thedanrichards in the comments below or send a tweet to the band to tell them about Ica. Her friends are trying to get the hashtag #MakeIcaSmile1D trending on Twitter. MOST OF ALL, PLEASE INCLUDE HER IN YOUR PRAYERS 🙏 ❤"

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One Directioners from all over the world have been tweeting the hashtag #MakeIcaSmile1D to get the boys to notice her. Let's help Ica, girls, and keep her in our prayers.

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