5 Must-Know Facts About Lorin Gutierrez

by Leika Golez   |  Mar 1, 2022
Image: Instagram/vivaartistsagency, Instagram/loringabriella
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A lot of talented Gen Z personalities have been rising to fame lately, and Lorin Gutierrez is one we’ve got our eyes on. ICYDK, this Turkish-Filipino beauty is the eldest daughter of actress Ruffa Gutierrez. It’s easy to judge her as a typical teen star given her showbiz family background, but make no mistake—this 18-year-old has a good head on her shoulders. 

Want to learn more about her? Here are five fast facts you should know about Lorin: 

1. Despite being born into a showbiz family, Lorin only joined the industry when she was 17 years old. 

Quick history lesson: The Gutierrez family is considered to be one of the biggest showbiz clans from ABS-CBN. You probably already know that Lorin’s mom Ruffa Gutierrez is a beauty-queen-turned-actress who gained popularity after playing Isabella in the romantic comedy film series Desperadas. But did you know that Ruffa’s father is actually award-winning actor Eddie Gutierrez? So it comes as no surprise that Ruffa’s five siblings, like Richard Gutierrez and Ramon Christopher, are well-renowned Filipino stars as well. 

But despite being exposed to showbiz at an early age, Lorin was never pressured to pursue a career in the industry. That’s why Lorin only officially joined Viva Artists Agency as an actress when she was 17, although she did mention once that she has always liked joining plays and drama classes when she was in high school. Now close to the one year anniversary of her contract, she plans to continue her college education while starting her acting career. 


2. Lorin is currently studying abroad. 

Lorin is currently a college student at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles. Last year, her whole family went to California to tour the campus together and give Lorin their final send-off. 

BTW, this isn’t the first time she’s studying abroad! In 2019, she took a three-week Economics summer course at University of California Los Angeles to prepare for her actual college classes. Only 15 years old at the time, living apart from her family was a challenge, but a small sacrifice to pay for an opportunity to study at her dream school. Two years later, Ruffa uploaded an Instagram post congratulating Lorin for graduating high school from British School of Manila. 

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3. Lorin is close with her parents. 

Despite her parents’ split in 2000, Lorin shared in a previous video that she still maintains a good relationship with her father, Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas. “There's never been a time when our communication has stopped...Not once has my mom ever tried to stop me from talking to him or getting to know him and reaching out,” she shared. 

Likewise, Lorin also gets along well with her mom. Case in point: When Ruffa restricted Lorin from getting a boyfriend, Lorin actually favored her rules! At 17, Lorin was mature enough to understand that her mom simply wanted her to prioritize herself and focus on her studies before committing to a person. A year later, she also clarified that her parents aren’t even that strict with her anymore. “Merong common misconception na sobrang strict yung lola ko, sobrang strict yung family ko. But hindi naman ganyan. Actually, they're pretty okay naman. They let me do [my] own things, trust me,” she said. 

4. Lorin loves collecting designer bags, sneakers, and scents. 

In Lorin’s YouTube room tour video, she showed off her collection of luxury perfumes and bags. Apparently, she loves her Hermès Kelly bag the most because it was a gift from her grandmother Annabelle Rama—how sweet! She also shared that her daily scent is Miss Dior, but she also likes Jo Malone, Coco Chanel, and Calvin Klein. 

Following that vlog, she uploaded a follow-up video to talk about her shoe rack. Although she doesn’t see herself as a fashion expert, her shoe collection certainly proves that she’s a sneakerhead at the very least. She owns *a lot* of trendy sneakers from big brands, including the Nike Air Force 1, the Yeezy Boost 350 V2, the Converse x Comme des Garcons shoe collab, and the Dior B23 High Top Sneaker.


5. Lorin has the best beach outfits. 

If you need some beach OOTD ideas, Lorin’s IG account will give you all the style inspo you need. Her feed is brimming with swimsuit photos from her beach trips, and we totally admire how she unapologetically flaunts her figure. One time, she even clapped back at a basher who told her to cover up. Super iconic! 


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