Looks Like Chris Colfer Will Have Aunt Hathaway on Glee!

Anne Hathaway actually volunteered herself for a guest role on Glee a few months ago—looks like it just might happen!
  |  Jan 19, 2011
photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox (The Devil Wears Prada)
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Remember when we said Anne Hathaway (who stars in Love and Other Drugs, showing next week) wanted to be Kurt (Golden Globe winner Chris Colfer)'s aunt on Glee? Well, looks like it just might happen! In an interview after the Golden Globe Awards last Sunday (Monday morning, Philippine time), Ryan Murphy shares that he's actually in talks with getting Anne on the show.

Fast forward to the 4:35 mark and you hear Ryan tell the press how he just bumped into Anne, who has "created her own role" as Kurt's lesbian aunt. So that's something you definitely can look forward to in the coming episodes of Glee.

What do you think about Anne as Kurt's aunt?

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