What do you get when you take a writer, an artist, and a lomographer and put their works together? Read on to find out.
by Gaby Alegre   |  Nov 1, 2008
photos courtesy of Team Manila
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Lomography was first officially introduced in the Philippines a year ago, and Team Manila (Lomographic Embassy Manila) celebrated this with an exhibit entitiled "Lomographics." Lomographers, artists, and writers were invited to participate in a three-day collabo-experiment. Each one was given specific tasks to perform—one in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. Although these tasks had interconnected themes, they were to be done individually, at their respective locations and times.

As you go up the staircase leading to the Team Manila studio, the first thing you spot is the stark white wall at the landing covered entirely in vivid, technicolor photographs. The entire wall may come off as a piece of artwork in itself, but a closer look reveals how the individual photos each have its distinct spark and appeal. The mechanics of the collabo-experiment is shown on another wall, and on the opposite side, the numerous photos that were taken in those three days, and excerpts from what the participants wrote. These all came together in a vibrant, colorful collage. The exhibit showcased what the participants had come up with in their three days off writing, shooting, making art.


"Don't think, just shoot" is the mantra Lomography shares to us all, and the same one that the participants employed in their three-day journey. The exhibit truly showed how the product of those three days came out as a series of  "happy accidents", personal art that was created by individuals for themselves, and shared to others. Seeing how the participants' work fused together so well in the Lomographics exhibit can make anyone want to produce their own "happy accidents" as well.

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Lomographics can be viewed in the Team Manila HQ at 146B Jupiter Street, Makati.

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