6 Things You Have to Know About Loisa Andalio

From her love for tattoos to being a Daniel Padilla stan.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Mar 27, 2021
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When you think of a celebrity that is still high-key relatable to fans, actress Loisa Andalio might come to mind. Even after spending a few years in the industry, Loisa has kept her unapologetically real and relatable self, devoid of pretensions and arte. And in case you didn't notice it yet, she's just like us in more ways than one.

From her love for tattoos to being a Daniel Padilla stan, here are other things you might not know about the reality TV star turned actress:

Loisa has quite the collection of tattoos.

One quick peek at her Instagram page and you'll spot pics and selfies of her effortlessly flaunting her pretty tattoos. So far, we’ve spotted the tattoo on her wrist, on the back of her hand, another one on the back of her arm, two tiny tatts on her shoulder, and a dainty scribble on the side of her ribcage. If you’re in need of the perfect inspo for low-key tattoos, Loisa would be a good candidate!


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She shares a YouTube channel with boyfriend Ronnie Alonte.

Loisa has been in a relationship with fellow artista Ronnie Alonte for four years now. Before going public with their relationship, Loisa and Ronnie had to hide it because they each had their own loveteams at that time. Now, they’re more open about being a couple and even share a YouTube channel together. If you want to get to know the couple outside of the showbiz spotlight, hit the Subscribe button on their YouTube channel, LoiNieTV. They share videos of them answering fan questions, clips of their daily life, and even candid conversations about the ups and downs of being together to their almost 650,000 subscribers.


Loisa and Ronnie have a pet dog together.

Another thing Loisa and Ronnie share is their love for their fur babies. Ronnie gifted Loisa with a chow chow puppy, which they named Daks (after Ronnie's role in their film Fantastica--how thoughtful!). In 2017, Ronnie also gifted Loisa with two cute fur babies. In case you're still in doubt about how much Loisa loves dogs, she even has a tattoos of two tiny paw prints on her shoulder and has flooded her Instagram account with adorable photos of her fur babies. So cute!


Loisa is a recording artist.

Apart from being an actress, Loisa is also a recording artist under ABS-CBN's Star Music. In 2018, she came out with the single "Sasamahan Kita." Loisa has also done several covers of pop songs and she even plays the guitar.

Loisa dedicated her showbiz savings to building a house for her family.

Since exiting Bahay ni Kuya as a PBB housemante in 2014, Loisa has been working non-stop in the showbiz industry. She's starred in several movies, including Fantastica and Crazy Beautiful You, as well as in various teleseryes like The General's Daughter, The Good Son, and My Dear Heart.


After years of dedicated hustle as an actress and endorser to several brands, Loisa was finally able to save up for a house for her and her family. In a YouTube video, Loisa explains that she worked on each part of the house one by one, depending on how many "raket" she lands. She also opened up about it in an Instagram post, saying, "After 20 years na nakikitira lang kami, natupad din yung pangarap ko magkaroon kami ng sariling bahay, yung matatawag namin na bahay talaga namin."


Loisa is a certified Daniel Padilla fangirl.

During her Pinoy Big Brother days and basically before entering the showbiz industry, Loisa looks up to and admires Daniel Padilla. There was even a time when Daniel and Kathryn Bernardo went inside the PBB house to give the housemates a visit, during which Daniel handed over a huge bouquet of flowers to Loisa. She was very calm and admittedly speechless about it, probably different from how we'd react if we ever see our idols IRL! Now, Loisa works in the same industry as her former idol and has even starred in a movie with him! And just like Daniel, Loisa also makes up one-half of another lovable loveteam on-cam and off. That's a big flex to how far she's come, if you ask us.



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