Aww, Liza Soberano Confirms That She’s Moving to LA for Good to Pursue a Singing Career

by Cass Lazaro for   |  Jan 16, 2023
Image: Instagram/lizasoberano
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Liza Soberano is living her best life! The actress—who recently wowed everyone with her Miss Universe makeup transformation in collaboration with fellow Fil-Am beauty maven Patrick Starr—has just announced that she’s moving to California for good, which seemingly means that she's putting her local showbiz career *on hold* for now.

“Yeah, like I've never officially announced that I'm moving to LA," she confirmed to Patrick, who was surprised because it was the first time the actress talked about it.

The former Kapamilya actress explained, "That's just because it's a lot easier to build my career if I'm here. They're always constantly looking for, like, in-person meetings, and it's just hard to book the job when you're meeting people over Zoom. They can't really tell what your personality is like, or they can't really see what you actually look like.”

Liza Soberano moves to LA

Moreover, Liza shared that she wants to be known as a “world-class actress” and also launch a music career in the States. In pursuit of these goals, she signed with LA-based music label Transparent Arts aside from her being a part of James Reid’s Careless Music. As for her musical style, she describes it to be more like K-pop but “a little edgier.”


For her first Hollywood project, she is set to star in the upcoming film Lisa Frankenstein, top-billed by Kathryn Neuton and Cole Sprouse. In her next acting gigs, she hopes to play characters that are rooted in reality.

"My goal is to become my own person because for so many years, I was in a love team, and that's what I was mainly known for or, like, I was attached to so many different brands. I never was able to build up my own personal branding. I feel like this year and the next few years is all about figuring out what I really wanna do with my career and personally finding out what excites me, what fuels my passion," Liza concluded.

Best of luck, Liza!

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