Liza Soberano Expresses *Gratitude* to the People Who Played a Role in Her Showbiz Career

by Cosmopolitan Philippines   |  Mar 1, 2023
Image: Instagram/carelessph
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On February 26, days after her social media accounts were wiped out, Liza Soberano dropped a 14-minute vlog explaining what she’s been up to since the end of her contract with Star Magic. In the video, the actress delved into her decision to change her management company and divert the direction of her career.

“I’ve been in six feature films, over 500 episodes of teleseryes and have only really dabbled into three main genres: romance, comedy, and drama. And since I was 16, I had only really worked side by side with one main co-star, with the same production company, rotating around the same three directors, and during all those years, I was never really asked for my input, my thoughts, my ideas,” she said in her vlog.

When she signed with James Reid’s label Careless in 2022, the actress revealed that it was the *first* time anyone asked her about what she wanted.

“I asked them what the plan was for me and they said ‘I don't know, you tell us. We're here to support whatever your dreams are.’ That's when I knew I had found my team,” says Liza. “I had been approached by so many different management companies before, and it was the first time any of them had asked me what I wanted, what made me happy.”

Her revelation garnered mixed reactions from netizens. While some expressed their utmost support for the actress, others couldn’t help but be ~disappointed~ as they felt that she was “ungrateful.” In a recent interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (, however, Liza clarified that she’s *blessed* to have experienced everything that came into her life.


"I just want to reiterate that I'm so grateful for everything that I've achieved and experienced, and I acknowledge that I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today without everybody who is part of my journey since the beginning of my career,” she admits. “I wouldn't have the talent that I have, I wouldn't have the name that I have, and I wouldn't have everything that I have, material or not, if it weren't for them. And so I'm always grateful, thankful, and I am blessed to everybody that came into my life.”

We’re so excited for you and this new chapter, Liza!

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