6 Times Liza Soberano Had the *Best* Clapbacks to Her Bashers

by Maxine Nava Valdez   |  3 days ago
Image: Instagram/lizasoberano
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Liza Soberano has been making waves in the media ever since she posted her vlog on YouTube presenting a brand new era of her career and rebranding herself to her true name, Hope. Though we’ve known her as one of the sweetest darlings of Philippine television, she actually has more to her than what we’ve previously seen. Liza is continuously stepping out of her comfort zone and she’s inviting all of us to see her grow in a different light. She’s pursuing a name in Hollywood and finally taking charge of her own career, and we’re totally here for it.

We may be seeing more of her bolder side now but Liza has always stood up for herself and has always been vocal about what she believes in. Indeed, despite what others might think, Liza knows how to handle herself. Ahead, we’ve listed six times Liza has gracefully clapped back at her bashers.

6 Times Liza Soberano Had the Best Clapbacks to Her Bashers

1. Back when Liza was supposed to star as the new Darna, a basher called her out for taking a vacation for so long and that she should’ve been shooting her scenes for the show already. "Who are you to tell me when vacation is over? My managers allowed me and so did my bosses. I’ve been working hard for my family since I was 12. I think I deserve the time I get off," Liza replied. She may not have been in the renewed adaptation of Darna but her fiery response proves she’s got what it takes to fight back just like the role she was meant to play.


2. A basher in one of her previous Instagram posts commented that her photo isn’t really meeting the criteria for having "feed goals." "That’s not the most important thing in the world," Liza answered. Being a celebrity and a beauty icon like Liza, it must be taxing to always get criticized for even something as small as how she structures her Instagram account. Liza, being the intelligent woman she is, really reminded all of us too that our social media lives aren’t as significant as the ones we live behind the camera.

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3. At the beginning of the pandemic, Liza was just as frustrated as everybody else. When she took her concerns to Twitter, a netizen scolded her for comparing the Philippines to a first-world country and that she shouldn’t expect every Filipino gets the care they deserve.


With compassion overflowing inside of her, she responded back saying, "So what do we do? Just sit back and wait for a miracle to happen? Pray that covid just disappears. I believe God works wonders but I [also] believe that he gives us the instruments to make that happen. Sad thing is the instruments/decision making are not in our hands." Her reply shows how much she cares not just for herself but for others as well.

4. Liza’s recent YouTube vlog entitled “This is Me.” was all about her journey in the Philippine showbiz industry and how she wants to move her career forward in the next years. She talked about the things she went through, all the highs and lows that have brought her to this point. Shifting to new management under James Reid’s guidance, her actions have been labeled as "reckless."

Of course, when a personality makes these kinds of changes, there are bound to comment. So in response to the backlash she’s been receiving, she said that “By giving into the pressure of doing what everybody else wants for me, I’m being unfair to myself, Hope Soberano. I think I’ve earned the right to finally be me.”


5. With so many people saying that Liza is ungrateful to her previous management, she continuously emphasizes that she is indeed full of gratitude for everyone who helped her. In an interview with Boy Abunda, Liza talked about this in-depth and defended herself from all the misinterpretations of her rebranding vlog. "I won’t take that back, though. What I said was true. I was just stating facts and trying to help my fans, my family, my friends, everybody that was questioning my decisions [and] why I was changing," she clarified.

6. In Bea Alonzo’s previous Lie Detector challenge with Liza, she was asked if she agrees with the netizens saying she’s just a clout-chaser. Bringing on the sass, she confidently admitted that she regards herself the same way but doesn’t see it as something to be ashamed of. “There’s no shame in clout-chasing, that’s what the industry is,” Liza said. She’s been recently seen with international personalities such as Bretman Rock, Destiny Rogers, Bella Poarch, Cole Sprouse, and Kathryn Newton.

She said that meeting such professional and popular people is something that she looks forward to because she gets to learn new things from them too. “Everybody’s so afraid of social climbing and clout-chasing but our industry is all about exposure and collaboration,” Liza shared. Truly, we stan a woman who knows what she wants and goes out to get it. 

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