7 Things You Need to Know About Beauty Vlogger Letisha Velasco

by Mary Joyce Bernal   |  Sep 28, 2021
Image: INSTAGRAM/letisha_velasco
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Among the many names gaining recognition in the makeup industry, Letisha Velasco is one that might ring a bell. If her name doesn’t seem familiar yet, her works might! The 22-year-old digital creator continues to impress with her transformations, proving to be an unforgettable figure in the local (and global) makeup scene. 

Here are 7 things you should know about Letisha Velasco:

Letisha’s birthday is on April 5.

Born on April 5, 1999, Letisha Velasco is an Aries baby. People born under the zodiac sign Aries are known for being adventurous and passionate, and Letisha is no exception! She has been interested in makeup at the young age of 12 and has now been creating jaw-dropping makeup looks on YouTube (under the channel name Leti Sha) for two years. Her following has been steadily growing since then.

Letisha was an English major in college.

With her out-of-this-world makeup skills, it’s easy to mistake Letisha as a Fine Arts major. While she did consider taking up an arts course, she actually graduated from the Bachelor of Arts in English Language degree program at the Pangasinan State University in 2019. She proved that not having an arts degree will not stop her from fueling her passion for the arts.


Letisha has always loved the arts.

In an interview with Korina Sanchez-Roxas for the lifestyle TV show Rated Korina, Letisha shared that her fondness for visual arts started when she was a child. Coloring was the activity she found as a hobby, and it stuck with her until she discovered the world of makeup.

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Letisha got noticed by a famous makeup artist—who’s also an optical illusion pro!

It’s not news that Letisha is a pro at makeup, but she still doesn’t fail to surprise us with the looks she transforms into. Her optical illusion makeup looks, particularly, have consistently gained traction on social media both in the Philippines and abroad!

A California-based Nepali makeup artist, Promise Tamang, noticed one of Letisha’s creations. It was a transformation inspired by both Promise and the GMA fantasy drama Kara Mia. A lot of people were in awe at the result of Letisha’s transformation, including us! TBH, when are we not in awe of her talent?


Letisha received a gift from Paolo Ballesteros.

When you think about people who are pros at makeup transformations, the list won’t be complete without Paolo Ballesteros. The actor and host gave Letisha one of the essentials she’s been using to create digital content: a ring light! In one of Letisha’s vlogs, she shared that Paolo chatted her out of the blue to give her the gift. He also left a message on the ring light: “For your many more makeup transformations!” Awww!

Letisha got to collaborate with one of her inspirations.

Two of the most famous makeup vloggers and Ilocanas on the internet got together for a video, and makeup enthusiasts were quick to express their happiness over their meeting. Michelle Dy is a makeup vlogger who also happens to be one of the local influencers Letisha has been looking up to even before she started creating her own videos on YouTube.

“Sa inyo din naman ako natuto e,” Letisha said in the vlog, referring to how she learned to do makeup from watching YouTubers like Michelle Dy.

Other local vloggers in the beauty scene gushed over the collaboration, including John Fedellaga who called it the best thing to happen in 2021. It certainly was a blessing, with the vlog filled not only with Letisha’s masterful makeup skills but also with Michelle’s valuable life lessons for the younger makeup vlogger.

Letisha’s favorite look is her Moana transformation.

In the same vlog with Michelle, Letisha revealed which look became her favorite out of all the transformations she’s done so far. It was the Moana look she did back in 2018 that cemented her name in the makeup transformation scene, so she admitted that it was the one she became the most fond of. The entire look is so spot-on, we had to do a double-take to make sure we weren’t seeing the Disney version instead!


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