10 Tweets That Make Lauren Young Our BFF

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 1, 2014
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There are these crazy little moments in our lives when no one seems to understand our feelings—except a person or two, and that includes Lauren Young. This young actress certainly has words for those moments when we barely have any, which easily makes us think she is our BFF.

1. When she just had to say this out loud, on Twitter that is. Wearing pretty shoes is, most often than not, a bad case of tiis-ganda. Don't we wish for the same thing, too?

2. That moment she knew what we love about weekends and vacays. #WORD

3. When she knew that there are artists who get us whenever we have a lot of feelings, like Adele... and maybe herself?

4. That moment when she inspires us to press delete when we're having a bad day.

5. When she said this and made us feel that it's okay to say this over and over and over again. No one will feel annoyed about it because it's the truth.

6. That time she sounded like she's having a petition. We got excited because we're going to sign this, in a heartbeat.

7. When she agreed that not all of us are able to sing Meteor Garden's theme song "Qing Fei Di Yi" word for word, so don't judge us.

8. When she came clean and revealed this to us. We can totes understand because we have messed up sleeping patterns, too, especially when vacay comes rolling in. 

9. That moment she knows how we exactly feel most of the time.


10. And when she let loose and made us feel that it's okay to ditch our cool vibe for a second because we just saw the man of our dreams. 

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