Last Week On Got To Believe

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 24, 2014
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Got To Believe ends on March 7 and even though it's been days since the news came out, we still can't deal. Well, up until ABS-CBN decided to come up with this finale trailer then reality kind of settled in. *sigh*

So were you able to watch all of G2B's episodes last week? We're hoping you didn't miss any, but in case you did, here are some of the highlights from last week:

1. Alex is putting up a good fight. And we hate the fact that Joaquin's mom is on Team Alex. Why can't they just leave them be? *sob*

Last Week On Got To Believe Last Week On Got To Believe

2. Chichay begged Joaquin to let her help him remember who he was. She brought Ryan to their school and re-enacted important scenes from his life and their love story. We have this strong feeling that Joaquin already remembers , but just didn't want to give in. Maybe he wanted to punish Chichay for breaking his heart?

Last Week On Got To Believe Last Week On Got To Believe

3. Let's pretend that Joaquin doesn't really remember anything.  At least, he chose to stay and get to know the old him better—even if his parents kept convincing him to leave for Singapore. Yay!

 4. Another proof that Joaquin kind of remembers who he was: his amused face when Chichay reminded him of how they first got to know each other. So amused that he wanted her to re-enact that scene, including the part where he hung Chichay upside-down!

Last Week On Got To Believe Last Week On Got To Believe

5. The Tampipis and Manansalas continue to fight with each other. And it only gets worse, because there's a lawsuit involved and this young couple's feelings are on the line.


Make sure you don't miss an episode of Got To Believe on its last 10 nights, okay?

Are you an avid fan of Got To Believe, Candy Girls? Tell us what you're going to miss most about the series in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom. We'd love to hear from you. :)

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