All the Times Kyline Alcantara Had the Classiest Responses to Bashers

Her haters constantly tell her that she wears "too much makeup."
by Katrina Dela Cruz for   |  Aug 16, 2022
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At such a young age, Kyline Alcantara is no stranger to online negativity. Playing iconic kontrabida roles may have put her name of the map, yet it also simultaneously (and unfortunately) caused her to received hate. Despite this, the 19-year-old actress constantly strives to promote positivity and kindness on her platforms. The fresh-faced star also knows a thing or two about responding to bashers, and does so in the classiest and most gracious ways. Scroll down to find out what we mean!

How Kyline Alcantara Deals with Online Bashers and Negativty

1. When she had the best response to a comment saying she has a "kontrabida" face

Kyline's breakout roles on TV were both antagonists, having played Arlene in Annaliza and Cheska in GMA's Kambal, Karibal (2017). Although she was lauded for her performances, she unfortunately became the target of bashers as well. 

At 19, Kyline is pretty much used to these hate comments. "Ngayon, breakfast, lunch, and dinner ko na po ang hate comments," the 19-year-old declares in a YouTube video as she reacted to mean comments. "You just need to live with it."


One user made an unsolicited comment at Kyline's acting career, implying that her home network GMA casts her in kontrabida roles over rom-coms because of her looks. Her response? She actually agreed! "I agree with you na pang kontrabida po 'yung face ko," she said. Addressing the remark about GMA, Kyline graciously said: "I trust GMA. Sinabi ko rin naman 'to sa management that I'm still young so I'm just 'g' to explore or experiment with a lot of genres sa acting ko."

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2. When she opened up about struggling with acne

In an Instagram post, Kyline Alcantara opened up about her skin issues. She used to suffer from consistent acne breakouts, which negatively affected her self-esteem, especially because she is a celebrity. For celebrities, looking less than perfect is sadly considered a no-no. But in reality, these so-called imperfections are totally normal and human! 

Kyline talked about how once she started to cover her blemishes with makeup, and people shamed her for it. "I was bashed and bullied for putting too much makeup. People [told] me na 'ang kapal ng makeup mo pero puro ka pa din tigyawat'," the actress said. "But what they don't know is makeup na lang yung kakampi ko noon. Concealers and foundations are my best friends because they cover my breakouts so I can come out and look more presentable."

After sharing about her skin journey, Kyline aslo wanted to share some words of inspiation to her followers. "Don't stress yourself over something to be perfect because it will not come. Accept your uniqueness and use it to your own advantage and represent yourself proudly [through] it," she wrote. "Yes, even us na artista madaming imperfections kagaya niyo but as part of our job we need to look more presentable but it doesn't mean na ganun palagi."


Kyline ended her post by saying: "It's okay to upgrade and to improve yourself but it's very important na hindi dapat mawala 'yung sarili mo in the process of it. Don't let the norm and society [dictate] what you should feel and look [like]. Be your own unique you." 

PHOTO BY Instagram/itskylinealcantara

3. When she graciously responded to a comment that said she wears too much makeup

In the same YouTube video where Kyline responded to a comment saying she has a kontrabida face, she also had to deal with another negative remark about her looks. "[Mukha] naman syang mabait pero yeah not pretty at [mukhang] laging over sa makeup, very ordinary looking," one comment read.

Kyline immediately responded by saying, "I agree with you dito. Of course, there's a phase in my life na...sobrang dami ko talagang pimples and then sobrang insecure ko sa sarili ko. So as much as possible marami po talaga ako magmakeup just to cover all the pimples—and not gonna deny—edit the pictures para pumasok sa standards ng society na 'artista beauty' na perfect, walang imperfections." She added, "And then eventually I realized na, nope, I need to show my real self. And 'wag ka pong mag-alala nabawasan ko na yung makeup ko ngayon. Okay na siya." You go, Kyline! 


Watch Kyline's full YouTube video here:


4. When she openly explained why she no longer cares about looking perfect on social media

Looking good might seem like it's a requirement as a celebrity, but there's still a danger in conforming to these unrealistic expectations. There's too much pressure on social media, and this gets overwhelming at times. Growing up in the spotlight, Kyline has learned that there's no such thing as a "perfect" image and it's impossible to please everyone. 

In an interview with Preview, she shared that she now shows a more authentic version of herself to her followers. "Dati, [my posts had a] filter on top of another filter, and on top of another filter, on top of another editing. Like hindi ako proud ipakita sarili ko especially 'yung time na napakarami ko pang pimples," the actress told us. 

Eventually, Kyline realized that receiving negative comments is inevitable, so it shouldn't dictate her feelings about herself. "Na realize ko rin po na may masasabi at masasabi talaga lahat may gawin ka mang tama o mali. So just live your freaking life," she said. Well said, Kyline!


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