5 Times Kristel Fulgar Proved She Was a Hardcore Fangirl Just Like Us

by Mariel Roja   |  Jan 27, 2023
Image: Instagram/kristelfulgar
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Celebrities are just like us—they also go out of their way to *support* the artists they ~love~. From lining up all day to see the concert of their dreams or waiting for the clock to strike midnight to pre-order that album or official merchandise, they have done it all! This is what being a true fangirl means: showering pure admiration and appreciation for their idols who have been with them through thick and thin.

Kristel Fulgar, a Filipina actress, singer, vlogger, and passionate Hallyu fan, is one celebrity who we can definitely relate to when it comes to being a fangirl. With her humble and optimistic demeanor, she taught us that anything is possible when it comes to being a fan—hwaiting! Here are five unforgettable moments from her fangirling journey that she openly shared with all of us (and that we love to see again and again!)

5 Times Kristel Fulgar Proved She Was an Unapologetic Fangirl Like Us

1. She was part of the Pink Ocean during the Blackpink In Your Area tour in Manila.

Yes, she is a Blink as well! Kristel was all ~hyped up and present~ when she witnessed the biggest name in K-pop today, none other than Blackpink. Her favorite song by the girl group is "Stay," and now that Blackpink's 2023 global tour has begun, we won't be shocked if she attends again. Check out the vlog of her concert experience which she shared with her BFF Sue Ramirez.

2. She traveled all the way to Korea to attend her first Seo In Guk Concert.

You've reached peak fan loyalty and commitment if you not only purchased a concert ticket to see your greatest idol, but you also bought a plane ticket all the way to Korea to see it! There’s no need to spell out the name of the hardcore fan who did that. For this girl, meeting Seo In Guk for the first time was a dream come true, and we could all sense her *happy heart* before, during, and after the concert.


In Guk is a famous Korean singer and actor who inspired Kristel to learn Hangul so she could understand him—now, that’s dedication! Check out what she considers “the best vlog she ever made” below and even see the adorable bond she formed with her seatmate, Jeongmin Park.

3. She experienced a virtual 15-minute interview with Seo In Guk.

It's one thing to see your idol perform live, but meeting and talking to them for 15 minutes is an entirely *surreal* experience. How can we move on from the fact that Kristel got the chance to chat with his long-time idol about his comeback album? She can officially claim the title of the luckiest fan ever. Watch her fight back tears as she did not expect this once-in-a-lifetime fan encounter to happen on her vlog!

4. She got to visit the film Location of Seo In Guk’s famous K-drama.

Kristel finally moved to South Korea to pursue her studies in 2022, fulfilling every Hallyu fan's desire! Living in her idol's home country offered her lots of opportunities to add more *memorable* fangirl moments. This list would be incomplete without noting her visit to the set of In Guk's K-drama Café Minamdang. In real life, the featured two-story café is called Minamdang & Bebeco. Kristel was thrilled to see the show's memorabilia including the chair and fan used by In Guk's character, as well as photos of the actor with his autograph on the wall. Watch her gush over this another fangirl achievement below!

watch now

5. She attended Seo In Guk’s concert again after waiting for three years.

2023 started with a ~bang~ for Kristel as she just attended In Guk’s concert for the second time (and in better proximity!). She went with Jeongmin again, the friend she kept in touch with after meeting her at the singer’s first concert. We are so happy that the girls maintained their friendship because of their love for one artist who brought them together. Here's the most recent vlog of Kristel screaming at the top of her lungs, especially when he sang "All For You." Did you know that she became a fan of his because of this wonderful song?

Kristel is living proof that celebs can be die-hard fans too! There is no shame in admitting that a certain group or musician consistently brings you joy with its magic to bring people together. That is why her fans like her for being a proud fangirl and for taking us along for the ride through her vlogs!

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