Does 'Bride of the Water God' Live Up to the Hype?

Here's what we thought of the series so far!
by Ginyn Noble   |  Jul 20, 2017
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For months after Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo aired, Nam Joo Hyuk fans have been excited for Bride of the Water God. The teasers may have also intrigued fans of fantasy Korean dramas like Goblin.

As of this writing, there have been four BOTWG episodes subbed by Viu and other legal sites (maybe five or six once this gets published). If you're still thinking whether to catch up with the new series or binge-watch the episodes after the finale, let us help you decide.


The water god, Ha Baek (Nam Joo Hyuk) gets sent to the human world on a mission to find sacred stones in order to ascend as emperor of deities. However, he loses the tools he needs—including a map and his powers—to find those gems. He then meets Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung), a descendant of a family that made a deal with the deities and the woman destined to be his servant. He expects her to make his life on Earth comfortable, but since she's a psychiatrist who's struggling to make ends meet, she thinks he's a lunatic and she refuses to be his slave. Their relationship gets complicated by their differences—and by other deities and humans, too.

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  1. Joo Hyuk and Se Kyung keep you entertained.

Both actors have played diverse roles previously—aside from WFKBJ, Joo Hyuk was in Scarlet Heart Ryeo, while Se Kyung starred in shows like The Girl Who Sees Smells. Their track records have definitely upped their skills, and they play their characters very convincingly in BOTWG.

In the series, they're both "ma-pride" and stubborn, but they also have gentle hearts! Seeing them slowly fall for each other makes you go, "Awww!" Plus, it's fun to watch So Ah trying to resist Ha Baek's impressive and knight-in-shining-armor traits! 

  1. Their sidekicks will make you LOL!

You can't resist the charms of Nam Soo Ri (Park Gyu Sun), Ha Baek's attendant, and Yoo Sang Yoo (Shin Jae Hoon), a nurse working for So Ah. Every hirit or funny facial expression is perfectly timed, and their comedic relief gives the series a very light feel.

  1. The supporting characters are TDF!

There's Moo Ra (f(x)'s Krystal Jung), a vain goddess who lives among humans as a top actress, and Bi Ryeom (Gong Myung), a troublesome deity who also lives on earth for the thrill. They're set to make their future emperor's life difficult, and they might just interfere with the couple, too. There's also a mysterious human that could bring major plot twists: Shin Hoo Ye (Im Joo Hwan), a business tycoon with the face of a god and an endearing personality. Will he be a third wheel or a kontrabida?! Omo!

  1. The character's personalities and back-stories can be relatable.

The deities and humans alike in the series have flaws that end up getting them in trouble. There's being narcissistic, disregarding others, and having a nasty temper. The past also haunts each one of them, especially So Ah, whose life experiences have made her stronger but have also given her deep insecurities. We swear, you won't hate her even if you're a solid NamLee shipper (well, unless you're a NamLee sasaeng who hates anyone Joo Hyuk acts with LOL)!

  1. We're stoked to see Korea and we're craving Korean food!

In the story, So Ah hates her homeland (Waaae?!), but ironically, the series gives glimpses of how beautiful the country is. Perhaps, she'll change her mind soon enough? We've also spotted various food and snacks (Korean fried chicken, noodle soups, and rice puffs!) so far, and how Ha Baek enjoys them makes us drool! UGH! Stop it, Ha Baek-nim!


With various romantic scenes playing out in the early episodes, BOTWG definitely promises next-level kilig as the story unfolds. The challenges that gets weaved into the story, the interesting characters (and how they're related), and the punch lines so far make us thrilled to watch out for what plot twists will come, too. Of course, we're also psyched to see how the deities will be introduced further and find out what makes them special.

Watch for the cameos! Yang Dong Geun, whom you might know from his stint in Return of Superman, has a minor role in the beginning, while one of K-variety show Running Man's new members Jeon Seo Min makes a brief cameo as So Ah's patient in episode four (sobrang bitin, you guys!). According to some sources, Scarlet Heart Ryeo's Kang Ha Neul will also make an appearance, and we can't wait how he'll fit into the picture!


Of course, there are also multiple scenes showing Nam Joo Hyuk's swoon-worthy stares and killer abs, which are truly cherries on top of the exciting series, don't you think? Hee-hee!

You can stream or download episodes of Bride of the Water God via Viu.

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