Kim Jung Hyun Is Reuniting With Seo Ji Hye Via A Special Appearance In Her New Drama

It's like seeing Seo Dan and Seung-joon all over again!
by Jacinda Lopez for   |  Mar 31, 2020
Image: Courtesy Of Netflix
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Crash Landing On You fans, now's the time to rejoice! Our favorite second leads Seo Ji Hye and Kim Jung Hyun, who played feisty North Korean Seo Dan and the charming conman Seung-joon respectively, are set to reunite in the small screen real soon. Remember when news got out that Ji Hye would be starring with OG oppa Song Seung Heon in the new drama called Shall We Eat Dinner Together? Well, in even better news, it was just confirmed that Jung Hyun is set to make a ~special appearance~ in the drama. Via Soompi, "the two are reportedly displaying their chemistry again while filming on March 27."

For all of us who were left hanging by their heartbreaking ending in CLOY, this is the redemption arc we just need. Will Jung Hyun play someone from Ji Hye's past? Will they have a cute ~ramyeon date~ again? Will...they make Jung Hyun a main character and keep him in the drama?!? Clearly, we need answers.


Shall We Eat Dinner Together? sounds right about ~filling~ with the kind of love story set to be told. According to Soompi, the drama is about "a man and a woman who have grown jaded about romance after experiencing painful heartbreaks. Through eating dinner together, they eventually recover their abilities to feel emotion and begin to find love over food."

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We just have to wait a few more months 'cause Shall We Eat Dinner Together? is set to premiere sometime in May. But before then, relish in some Ji Hye and Jung Hyun CLOY content with these adorkable behind-the-scenes clips:

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