8 of the Most *Kilig-Worthy* Moments From Maria Clara at Ibarra's "FiLay" Tandem

by Malcolm Angoya   |  Mar 15, 2023
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/davidlicauco, Maria Clara at Ibarra/GMA
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Following the success of GMA’s Maria Clara at Ibarra (MCI), this historical drama has charmed many viewers with its modern adaptation of Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere. But aside from the gripping story that viewers tuned in, one aspect of MCI that has attracted fans was the unexpected chemistry of Klay and Fidel—better known as FiLay to their fans, played by Barbie Forteza and David Licauco respectively.

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From a fierce slap to an accidental kiss on the cheek, these lovebirds never fail to bring fun and romance to MCI. But now that the show has concluded, many fans are yearning to revisit the super ~*kilig*~ moments between the show’s front-running ship. If you’re just like us and you’re missing your favorite enemies-to-lovers couple, here are eight FiLay moments that will just melt your heart! Needless to say, spoilers ahead!

8 of the Most *Kilig-Worthy* Moments From Maria Clara at Ibarra's "FiLay" Tandem:

  • Klay’s iconic “Babu.”

The show introduced Fidel as a snooty, playboy businessman and Ibarra’s closest friend. His arrogance ticked off the vocal Klay, and she immediately turned down his offer to drop her home. Before leaving the scene, Klay bid him farewell with “babu” a.k.a “goodbye.” Fidel was left confused, but you could tell he was intrigued by her eccentricity with that lingering look as she exited the restaurant.

  • When Klay misunderstood the abaniko.

There were a lot of cute bickering scenes between them throughout the show, but this one takes the cake. Prior to Maria Clara’s (Julie Anne San Jose) abaniko tutorial, Klay was clueless about the language of the handheld fan and was unaware that rapid fanning was a way to confess one’s feelings. So when she was fanning to cool herself from the heat, Fidel happened to pass by and saw the fast movement of her fan. Klay was gobsmacked when the assuming Fidel winked at her in her return.

  • When Fidel finally fell in love.

Even though it had been a terrible day for Klay, Fidel’s sweetness all throughout Ibarra and Maria Clara’s party absolutely made up for it. In fact, this was the time he realized that he was in love with Klay. His genuine concern for the binibini starts to show through simple gestures of affection such as offering her a drink, comforting her after an embarrassing puking session, and handing her a handkerchief while crying.

  • Fidel’s long-awaited confession.

As  Fidel slowly fell in love with Klay, he eventually  had the courage to blurt out his feelings with this highly-anticipated reveal: “Binibining Klay, tinatangi kita. Iniibig kita, Binibining Klay.” Of course, this confession comes after he listed each of Klay’s unbecoming qualities—the same ones that made him fall for her. Their confession was one of the purest moments of the show, and although Fidel was nervous and almost quarreled with Klay, it should be the blueprint for everyone!

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  • FiLay’s stolen kiss.

While fighting over flowers, Fidel accidentally tripped over and placed a kiss on Klay’s cheeks! The conservative culture of their historical setting makes this simple kiss much more meaningful than a modern liplock. Thus, Fidel hastily offered a marriage proposal to make up for it. So ridiculously cute!

  • Fidel’s failed harana.

Fidel attempted the sweet gesture of a harana, knowing how Klay appreciated it when Ibarra did it to Maria Clara. It was supposedly a romantic moment, but it made the viewers burst out laughing when Klay stopped his serenade out of embarrassment. Fidel in turn blamed the musicians for not adjusting to his voice which made this whole thing funnier. It was still so adorable, though! 

  • When Fidel stated that he would do anything for Klay.

Unable to have Klay argue with him for longer, Fidel finally confronted her with this iconic line: “Sabihin mo lang, gagawin ko lahat para sayo.” His honest declaration was full of longing and sincerity, even going down on his knees to express his apology. Klay was stunned, and TBH, who wouldn’t be?

  • FiLay finding each other in every universe.

FiLay got their well-deserved happy ending when a firefly led Klay to a forest. When she stopped in front of an old giant tree, a familiar portal opened. Fidel suddenly appeared in a white suit with a pocket watch—and they were *finally* reunited after seven long years.

With this much-awaited conclusion, fans can’t help but rejoice as Klay was reconciled with her Fidel from the book, unlike Maria Clara and Ibarra who she met in their reincarnated forms. At long last, they found each other and no more babus were exchanged between them.


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