Here's Proof Kendra Kramer Is a Certified K-pop Fan

by The Candy Staff   |  Apr 6, 2022
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At the fresh age of 12, Kendra Kramer is well on her way to becoming the next-generation It girl. Her charming, beauty queen-like looks aside, Kendra's penchant for posting the cutest, most stylish OOTDs on her Instagram feed just shows she's got the potential to rise among the ranks of style inspos on social media.

Looking past all the glitz and glam, however, Kendra proves she's just your typical 12-year-old who loves spending quality time with her family and friends. And did we mention she's also a certified K-pop fan like many of us?

Kendra and her siblings have been long-time K-pop enthusiasts, too! ICYDK, her younger sister Scarlett even went viral for crying about wanting to have iKON's resident rapper Bobby to perform during her birthday. Fun fact: Bobby saw the viral video and greeted Scarlett a happy birthday on his Instagram! The entire Kramer family and their Yaya Jean (who was the OG iKONIC that introduced the K-pop group to the Kramers) even met Bobby in person when they attended the Manila leg of iKON's concert tour. Such lucky fans!


Fast forward to now and it's safe to say Kendra is the cutest K-pop multi-stan there ever was, just check out her IG Reels where she jams to internet-favorite K-pop songs!

Don't believe us? Here's a short roundup of Kendra Kramer dancing and vibing to K-pop songs on Instagram, proving she's a true K-pop fan like all of us!

1. This ~legendary~ reel featuring behind-the-scenes cuts from her viral shoot has "Butter" by BTS as the background music and, we have to say, the transition during the intro is honestly ~smooth like butter~.

2. This short but cute IG reel with her squad jamming to "Blue Hour" by TXT is next-level adorbs!

watch now

3. Kendra and her friend dancing to TWICE's "What Is Love?" is literally us with our best friends.

4. At this point, who hasn't done the Darari challenge? We're glad to see K-pop fan Kendra joining in on this viral trend featuring this recent vibe-worthy release from K-pop boy group Treasure!


5. Kendra does the Darari challenge again, this time with her younger sister Scarlett. How cute can this get? Either Kendra is a huge YG Family fan or this song is just too much of a vibe, but either way, we're here for it! 


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