8 Things to Know About Kelly Chews

There's more to her than her love for food.
by Angela Ayson   |  May 27, 2021
Image: Instagram/kellycruz
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Mukbang content creators have been on the rise for years now and one of our favorites is Kelly Chews. Known for her mouth-watering and entertaining mukbang videos, this 22-year old Youtuber has now garnered a strong following of 900,000 subscribers (and counting) on Youtube.

If you're a regular on the food vlogging content side of the streaming platform, you've probably seen some of Kelly's videos at least once. With her straightforward vlogging style and quirky facial expressions and reactions, it's not hard to see how Kelly managed to grow her channel at the scale that she did in such a short period of time.

Here at Candy, we love giving the lowdown on our favorite personalities and celebrities. So sit back, relax, and eat your peanut butter.

Want to know more about Kelly Chews? Here are some fast facts about her:

From her zodiac sign to her *favorite* food, here is some basic info on Kelly Chews.


Kelly's full name is Kelly Marie Cruz

Kelly Chewers (Kelly Chews fans) know that her full name is Kelly Marie Cruz! Chews = Cruz, get it?

Kelly is a Virgo.

Kelly is currently 22 years old and was born on September 7, 1998, which makes her a Virgo. People who are born into this sign are known to be detailed, meticulous, and well-organized. Additionally, Virgos are also known for their infectious and friendly personality. Sounds just like our girl, yes?

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Kelly graduated from UA&P

In 2019, Kelly graduated from the University of Asia & Pacific where she took up a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Entertainment Management. Kelly started out her Youtube channel in 2018, which means she managed to juggle both vlogging and college well! Despite her growing Youtube career, Kelly evidently made sure that she was always on track with her studies, as she even took a break in 2019 to focus on her acads. Talk about being a ~role model~.

Kelly is known as the "Peanut Butter Queen."

Kelly's love for peanut butter is a well-known fact among her avid watchers. A simple skim through her channel would tell you as much; whether it's fried chicken, popcorn, cereal, or toast that she's eating, you can trust her to have her go-to peanut butter jar on the side where she can always reach for a spoonful or two to complement whatever she's having!


Watch her vlog here:

(Kelly Chew's Peanut Butter Mukbang via Youtube)

Kelly is an aspiring actress.

One of Kelly's lifelong dreams is to become an actress. Before dabbling into the world of Youtube, Kelly did theater where she further developed her knack for acting. Realizing that she could combine two of the things she loves — eating and acting — Kelly finally decided to start vlogging. This is how her Youtube channel KellyChews came to be.

At the rate Kelly Chews is going, we would not be surprised to see more of her pretty and gorgeous face on our tv screens soon!

Kelly is a second child.

Kelly is a second child — she's the only girl between one kuya and two younger brothers named Marcus and Dean. Her younger brothers have appeared in some of her mukbang videos and anyone who's come across her channel would be pleased to find out that they share her sense of humor and energy!


Watch her vlog here:

(Via KellyChews on Youtube)

Kelly also sings AND dances!

Did we mention that Kelly is also multi-talented? ICYDK it, aside from acting, Kelly can also sing and dance! Kelly may have paused from uploading Youtube content since the quarantine started but her fans need not fret: she's still active on Tiktok! If her Youtube channel is for entertaining mukbang vlogs, then her Tiktok account is where you can find her song covers and dance videos.

As of this writing, Kelly already has 100,000 followers on Tiktok!


Let me sing you to sleep ???????? // first cover!!! kunwari singer ???? #fyp

? original sound  - Kelly Cruz

(Via itskellycruz on Tiktok)

Kelly is an Alden Richards fan.

We know what you're thinking... who isn't? Many Filipina women have fallen into the charms of Alden Richards, and Kelly is no exception! In February 2020, Kelly shared one of her best fangirl milestones on her IG stories when she showed how she met the Kapuso star in person after guesting on GMA's Pinas Sarap show. Umm, sana all?



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