Katniss, Hermione, Bella, Annabeth, Tris, Clary: Which Modern Day Heroine Are You?

We round up one of the main female characters from your favorite bestseller novels. Find out which one of them you are by taking this quiz!
by Bea Marin   |  Nov 29, 2013
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It's time to pick a club or extracurricular to join at school. What would you pick?
Archery all the way!
Book club.
Can I just watch a game of baseball instead?
I'd rather stick to the sidelines.
Painting/arts and crafts.
What situation would you most likely get yourself into?
Probably being too intimidating.
Getting myself in a lot of trouble just to help out my friends.
Have feelings for two people I care deeply about at the same time.
Having people be pissed at me just because I excel in something.
Being judged just for being who I truly am.
Too much partying, maybe?
Your dream and type of guy would be?
A guy who's sweet and a total charmer.
Someone I could consider my best friend and makes me laugh.
A totally mysterious guy yet surprisingly romantic.
Extremely loyal and shares the same traits as me.
Those bad boys who secretly have a soft spot.
The guy who gives me that rollercoaster kind of rush.
What do you usually do when you're feeling down or faced with problems?
Vent and rant to blow off steam.
Read. There's nothing like a good book couldn't solve.
Seek solitude in my bedroom and just listen to music.
Think of several ways to fix it.
Chin up! No time to cry about it.
Get distracted by doodling or sketching.
What's your everyday, casual outfit?
Some comfy jeans and my trusty combat boots.
Something preppy.
A plaid button down and sneakers.
A casual look with a denim jacket.
A tank top, leather pants, and boots.
An edgy outfit with some heels.

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