Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla Tackle Adult Probs in Their New Film 'Can't Help Falling In Love'

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Apr 17, 2017
Image: Star Cinema
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They say bad decisions make the best stories, and in the case of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla's new movie, Can't Help Falling in Love, also the best life lessons. Here, your OTP play strangers who accidentally get married, (no) thanks to too much liquid courage. The premise comes straight from the rom-com playbook, but it allows Kathryn and Daniel to tackle very real issues as their characters, Gab and Dos.

  1. Taking responsibility for your actions. Memories of that hazy night come flooding back to Gab when her boyfriend of six years proposes to her. She immediately sets out to find her mystery husband, who surprise, surprise, doesn't mind being married to her, and have their marriage annulled. In the process, she makes a whole new slew of bad decisions but learns to course-correct, just like any person trying to survive in the real world.
  1. Valuing other people's time. So focused on getting their marriage annulled, Gab doesn't realize that Dos also has a life and responsibilities and people depending on him, until he gives it to her straight. It's a good lesson in strengthening relationships with the people in your life, especially those you care about. 
  1. Doing what's right, despite the ~signs~ you see. Gab tried to tell her fiancé and family about her dilemma, but every time she did, it seemed like the universe didn't want her to. This only delayed the inevitable, and the universe definitely wanted her to learn from her mistakes when it did nothing to stop things from blowing up in her face later on.
  1. Being your own person in a relationship. Six years is a long time to be with someone. From her fiancé, Jason, Gab learned to always strive for the best and make her loved ones proud. But as she tried to please others and put them first, she lost herself. If she’s free to decide for herself, she asked Jason, why does she always feel like she has to ask for his permission? It's a difficult realization, but a very important one.

  1. Taking the leap. In this world, you try your best to make good decisions and stay on course. But what is it all for if you can't let yourself take risks? In Dos' own words: "Sa totoo lang, nakakatakot magmahal. Pero no'ng nakilala kita, na-realize ko na mas nakakatakot 'pag pinili mong hindi magmahal."

Can't Help Falling in Love is now showing in cinemas.

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