K-Dramas to Watch if It’s Your Dream to Be a Lawyer

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by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jun 17, 2021
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Chasing after our dreams and goals isn't as inspiring and exciting all the time. At some point, we may lose the motivation to continue on and would need to rely on external factors to keep the dream alive. And if our present realities aren't enough of a push, we sometimes look to works of fiction to bring back our drive to pursue our goals.

If it's always been your dream to become a lawyer, hang tight! The road may not be easy, and it definitely isn't a short trip, but you'll know if it's worth it only if you get there. If you want a bit of inspo from pop culture along the way, legal K-dramas are a good option to try. From interesting plot lines to top-notch acting, here are five K-dramas about the lives of lawyers you should check out:

Law School

The cast: Kim Bum, Kim Myung Min, Ryu Hye Young, Lee Jung Eun, Lee Soo Kyung, Hyun Woo  


The plot: Students and professors at Hankuk University Law School get entangled in a murder case involving one of the professors of the school. It also follows the lives of the different law school students who came from different backgrounds.

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Lawless Lawyer

The cast: Lee Joon Gi, Seo Ye Ji, Lee Hye Young, Choi Min Soo

The plot: Two lawyers under the Lawless Law Firm seek justice for the murders of their mothers 18 years ago and fight against the corrupt and unjust methods of the culprits who engage in dishonest methods to gain power.


The cast: Park Hyung Sik, Jang Dong Gun, Chae Jung An, Ko Sung Hee, Jin Hee Kyung, Choi Gwi Hwa

The plot: The K-drama is he Korean adaptation of the US TV series Suits. It follows the story of big-time lawyer Choi Kang Seok who takes a chance and hires Go Yeon Woo, an aspiring lawyer with a photographic memory, but unfortunately, without a law degree.  



The cast: Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Bin, Ok Taecyeon, Kwak Dong Yeon, Kim Yeo Jin, Jo Han Chul 

The plot: Vincenzo Cassano, an Italian consigliere for the mafia, sets out for Seoul to recover a stash of gold from the basement of Geumga Plaza, but ends up entangled in taking down Babel Group, the corrupt corporation that owns Geumga Plaza, and the higher-ups that run it.

Innocent Defendant

The cast: Ji Sung, Um Ki Joon, Kwon Yuri, Oh Chang Seok

The plot: Prosecutor Park Jung Woo wakes up one day in prison as a convict who is put on death row, with no idea of how he ended up there. With a temporary amnesia, Jung Woo must work to prove his innocence and uncover the truth.


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