Justin Bieber Accidentally Reactivated His Instagram Account

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 30, 2016
Image: Giphy/Tumblr | eighteenlouis.tumblr.com
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Just a few days ago, Justin Bieber deactivated his Instagram @justinbieber after he got into a fight with ex-lover Selena Gomez because of a Sofia Richie-related post. Fans were devastated because... how do we stalk him now?

But yesterday, The Biebs reactivated his account and shared nine blank photos on social media. What do you mean, Justin? (via Dolly.com.au)

Shortly after, the hashtag #JustinReactivatedParty trended on Twitter and Beliebers worldwide rejoiced. But the happiness didn't last that long because The Biebs rained on everyone's parade and announced that everything was an ~*accident*~.

Some Beliebers, of course, weren't too happy with this. Why you playin' with our feelings, Justin?

*sighs* Let us know when you're back in the circulation, BB. We'll be here waitin' and stalkin' your Twitter in the mean time.

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