Aww, Juliana Gomez Once Thought She's "Adopted" Because of How Beautiful Her Parents Are

by Cass Lazaro   |  Sep 6, 2022
Image: Instagram/gomezjuliana
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While 21-year-old Juliana Gomez’s effortless cool girl vibe is hard not to notice, she also needs no introduction thanks to her famous parents Lucy Torres and Richard Gomez. In an interview, she candidly discussed life growing in the limelight, including the struggles that came with it.

“Have you seen my parents? They’re such beautiful people!” she quipped. “When I was young, I kinda thought I was adopted. Parang, iba talaga yung itsura ko sa kanila eh. Iniisip ko, san ba 'ko nagmana?”

“And then slowly, I started seeing my dad’s features, and then people started telling me, ‘You look like your mom!’ So ako naman, kinikilig ako, because, ‘Wow, you thought I look like mom?'”

She continued, giving wise words of wisdom to young girls struggling with insecurities: “My advice to young girls who don’t feel like they’re pretty enough: Hang in there. You will bloom. If not now, then maybe when you turn 18. If not when you turn 18, when you turn 21. You will bloom!”


Lately, Juliana has been sharing gorgeous snaps of her blissful life in Ormoc, where she's been staying ever since the pandemic started. Currently, she’s taking up public administration at UP Diliman. Her classes are still conducted mostly online, so she’s been staying in the province for as much as she can and bonding with her friends, including Claudia Barretto!

“I love it here. I can say that my life is here. Yes, [my friends] love it here! It’s also a nice escape for them because it's very different from what it's like in the metro,” Juliana says.

Additionally, Juliana says that her parents are the ~chillest~ folks and have always been supportive of everything she does. “They don’t put pressure on me. They allow me to fail, they allow me to figure out what I want to do in sports or extracurricular activities, or what school I want to go to. They really gave me the freedom to choose.”

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