6 Things to Know About Joaquin Domagoso

by Bianca Custodio   |  Sep 20, 2021
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Gen Z stars are slowly but surely taking over our local entertainment industry — and we’re not complaining! In the past few years, so many incredibly talented Gen Z personalities have been stepping up and impressing us all. And one of them is up-and-coming actor, model, and performer, Joaquin Domagoso. Signed under GMA Artist Center, Joaquin (also known as JD) is managed by Daddie Wowie Roxas, the same person who managed the earlier acting career of his father, who is now the current mayor of Manila, Isko Moreno.

Behind his adorable smile and his charming demeanor are a whole lot more reasons to admire this extremely talented and smart yet humble Gen Z actor. 

So, here are 6 things you need to know about the lovable Joaquin Domagoso:

1. JD can sing, act, *and* dance!

On top of his acting, this young star is also an all around performer. JD can sing, dance, beatbox, and even play the guitar! Showing off his many talents was one of the reasons why he wanted to pursue a career in showbiz in the first place — and rightfully so! There’s definitely no denying his charm and talent both on-screen and on-stage. I mean, just check out how smooth his dancing is in one of his most viral TikToks:


tiktok before take ???? dc: @sauxyyjay

? Bartender - yukia????

2. JD is a mama’s boy.

Not many teenage celebs are as open about their relationship with their parents as JD is. Being the son of a famous politician and actor, JD is almost always asked about his family, which he never fails to speak highly and very fondly of anyway. But one of the people he seems to love showing off most is none other than his mom! And a quick visit to his Instagram page is proof enough. Besides the occasional cute photo posts of them together, JD also starts his Instagram bio with the phrase "Mama’s boy." How cute is that! 


In a sweet Mother’s Day post, he even writes, ”Sorry to my future wife but you’re the second most beautiful woman in the world, my mom will always be the first. Happy Mother’s Day to this dragon of a woman.” (Awww!)

3. JD’s celebrity crush is Cassy Legaspi!

In an interview with actress Aiko Melendez on her YouTube channel, she cheekily asks the young star who his showbiz crush is. And with no hesitation and a cute smile, JD answers, “si Cassy!” 

It’s no secret that First Yaya co-stars Joaquin Domagoso and Cassy Legaspi have great and natural chemistry. Both on-screen and off-screen, the young pair, now known as the budding love team CassQuin, seem to bounce off each other’s energies very well. According to JD, while he and Cassy are currently focusing on their careers as of the moment, their close friendship would definitely be a good foundation and starting point if they were to become something more in the future. Talk about kilig!

watch now

In the meantime, look at how adorable they are together!

4. JD is a college student taking up Business Entrepreneurship. 

In an interview early this year, JD revealed that he was only allowed to pursue a career in showbiz under one condition: that he wouldn’t neglect his studies. JD shares that to his father, Mayor Isko Moreno, education is extremely important, so he tries best to excel in both work and school. JD is currently in his second year of college and is taking up Business Entrepreneurship. “I'm still in that age of my life where I'm deciding which path I should take," JD shares. But one thing is for sure: he would like to open up a small business one day.


5. JD already lives alone.

Yup, you read that right! JD is only 19 years old, but he already lives independently. In the previously mentioned interview with Aiko Melendez, JD also shares that after becoming an artista, it grew increasingly hard to store his growing wardrobe and personal items into his small room in their house. And it was ultimately during the lockdown when he decided to move alone to a condo unit that his parents owned, while of course, like the good kid that he is, still making sure to go home every weekend. On top of living alone, JD also shares that he no longer asks for allowance from his parents either! He makes it a point to only spend the money that he himself earned. If that’s not impressive, IDK what is!

6. JD is known for being very humble.

“So what’s your luxury in life, Joaquin?” 


As the third son of famous politician and actor Isko Moreno, many people assume that JD lives a very lavish and spoiled life. But it actually seems like nothing could be further from the truth! While JD always makes sure to acknowledge the privilege he was born into, the way he talks about his family, his upbringing, and even the way he lives now only shows how simple of a guy he actually is. JD is often praised for being well-spoken, candid, and genuinely friendly no matter where he is or who he’s talking to.

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